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by Lynn Little

bettyWith the sooner than planned return of Ugly Betty, what will happen to both ‘In the Motherhood’ and ‘Samantha Who’? The forecast looks bleak for Motherhood but possibly better for Samantha. Those aren’t the only shows waiting to hear about their fate.

While no ‘official’ word has been released about the renewal of ‘Ugly Betty’, it’s apparently been leaked by creditable sources that it will return for a fourth season.

There are several shows that are awaiting word on whether they will be around next fall. While many agree that UB will be returning, official word would be nice especially considering that last year they renewal announcement was made in February.

Some of my favorite shows like ‘Chuck’ are still awaiting word. NBC will have fewer hour-long slots in the fall when with the addition of Jay Leno’s new prime time daily show.

Ugly Betty Epsiode Rundown

by Lynn Little

114992_0507_thu This week started off on the right foot as we received the news that Ugly Betty will return April 30th, a week earlier than scheduled.

The April 30th episode is entitled ‘Rabbit Test.’ Apparently we will meet Matt’s dad Calvin Hartley(played by David Rasche) who will invite our favorite Mode employees to his annual Easter egg hunt. Also Wilhemina wonders if William is really her son.

May 7th’s episode is ‘The Born Identity.’ It looks like Calvin Hartley is prepared to give Mode a bailout when baby William is kidnapped. Archie asks Hilda to be part of his next political campaign.

‘In the Stars’ will air May 14th and feature singer Adele. This is the episode that is suppose to have the impromptu wedding.
May 21st there will be back-to-back episodes titled ‘Curveball’ and ‘The Fall Issue.’

Ugly Betty returning April 30th

by Lynn Little

onlocation2Great news for Ugly Betty fans. According to Michael Urie, the show will return a week earlier than previously planned. The new return date is Thursday, April 30th at 7pm central.

Michael let Ugly Betty fans know about the programming change on Twitter. The change isn’t showing up in my DirecTV listing but the date has been changed on the ABC media press website. So it’s official! You may have to manually set your TIVO or DVR to record it.

That means we are less than 2 weeks away from all new Ugly Betty episodes.

‘The Stars’ Spoiler

by Lynn Little

sexissueAs each day passes, we are one day closer to the return of ‘Ugly Betty.’ Even though it’s not currently on air, the spoilers keep rolling in about future episodes.

The New York Times blog has some information about the episode entitled ‘The Stars.’ Apparently the episode will have as a backdrop the Rose Center of Earth and Space at the Museum of Natural History.

The celestial center - or at least a set looking like the planetarium - will be part of a Mode photo shoot and an impromptu wedding. So not only will ‘Ugly Betty’ incorporate another New York landmark into the show but it will be the place for the wedding that we’ve been hearing rumors about for weeks. No word yet when this episode will air.

Happy Birthday America Ferrera

by Lynn Little

America Ferrera America Ferrera celebrates an important birthday today, April 18th. The star of ‘Ugly Betty’ turns 25. Happy Birthday, America.

Ana on Rachael Ray

by Lynn Little

57139112451press415200931821pm A glowing Ana Ortiz was a guest today on the Rachael Ray show - baby bump and all. She looked beautiful in a red fitted dress. I have a feeling this was a rerun since her baby bump was smaller. Still it was a good interview. Ana was also a good sport and did a little video segment for the show.

Ana plays Hilda on Ugly Betty and Hilda is a hairstylist. So Ana worked at a salon cutting hair, washing hair, and even colored hair.

So set the DVR to record Rachael Ray and see the interview for yourself. There are also excerpts on the Rachael Ray website.

Singer Adele to guest star on Betty

by Lynn Little

16528999451press4152009100547amSinger Adele will be making an appearance as herself on Ugly Betty sometime in May. The episode entitled ‘The Stars’ will have Matt and Betty doing a photo shoot for YETI that turns into an impromptu wedding.

Adele won two Grammys in February for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for her song “Chasing Pavements.”

Who’s getting married? There’s speculation that it could be Daniel and Molly. It also could be Ignacio and Elena. Or they could really throw us by introducing a new romance and that could be the wedding. Just a few more weeks until Betty returns and then the wait will be over.

Beckham on SpongeBob

by Lynn Little

55969527451press411200943230pm Victoria Beckham is lending her voice to SpongeBob Squarepants. The singer/actor/fashion designer had a guest appearance on Ugly Betty in 2007 when she played one of Wilhemina Slater’s bridesmaids.

Victoria will voice a sea goddess named Queen Amphitrite on an episode called “Neptune’s Party.” Look for it summer 2010.

Victoria apparently turned down a guest role on another ABC show ‘Desperate Housewives’ stating that there just wasn’t room in her hectic schedule.

Lindsey talks about break up

by Lynn Little

lohan Lindsay Lohan - who has been a guest on Ugly Betty as Kimmie, Betty’s rival from high school - is taking to US Weekly about her breakup with her girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

Ronson broke it off with Lohan last Friday. The couple had been together for two years. It’s Lindsay’s relationship with Samantha that many have speculated for her getting her life on track.

The whole article in the US Weekly but you can read more at Yahoo news.

When will Ugly Betty Return?

by Lynn Little

bettysuarez For those who are missing Betty, there is some tentative good news to report. Betty is returning to her Thursday night time slot in early May.

This weeks’ TV Guide news answered a question about the return of Ugly Betty and stated that the show is set to return May 7th. However, ABC will run six episodes of Samantha Who? and may order additional episodes. It’s unclear if new episodes would push the tentative return of Ugly Betty back or if Samantha Who? will air at a different time slot.

I wish Samantha Who? well since I do like Christina Applegate but hope her success doesn’t push the return of Betty back further into May.

So barring a change from ABC, it looks like Ugly Betty will be back May 7th.

America at Kid’s Choice Awards

by Lynn Little

America Ferrera was up for a Kid’s Choice Awards. The awards show from Nickelodeon was held Saturday night. America arrived at the show looking anything but like an Ugly Betty.


America was nominated for favorite TV actress. She lost to Selena Gomez - the star of Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.

In the Motherhood

by Lynn Little

motherhood Well tonight I had to tune in to watch In the Motherhood. I guess it’s just habit to watch ABC at 7pm.

The show was pretty cute. A lot of laughs and funny situational comedy. I won’t go into too many details since it hasn’t aired everywhere just yet. Let’s just say that of the three moms I know moms just like them. Well, maybe the two sisters. Rosemary is in a league of her own.

It will be cute to watch while we wait for new episodes of Ugly Betty.

Mode After Hours

by Lynn Little

amanda314quotesAre you having Ugly Betty withdraws yet? Well there are the webisodes Mode After Hours to keep us entertained.

I caught the latest one by sheer luck as my browser loaded the ABC homepage and the webisode auto played.

I’ve never been a fan of webisodes mainly because they aren’t central to the overall plots so I always thought they might be sort of lame. Turns out I was wrong. Well at least about them being lame. The latest one is called Big Package as a big package arrives for Wilhemina. The webisode features Marc and Amanda.

The package arrives after Connor has left, so Marc knows the present will just upset Wilhemina. This is when Amanda reveals what she does with some packages that arrive in the mail - she keeps them at her desk for a pick me up when she’s down. They naturally open the package to Willie and a few others including one that Amanda stashed that was Marc’s from Cliff - his former boyfriend. You know that’s one thing I’ve missed on recent episodes of Betty and that’s Marc and Amanda being Marc and Amanda. Sure they’ve had scenes but it’s nice to see an extended one. It has me really looking forward to watching the rest of the Mode After Hours.

So for those Betty fans who haven’t seen any Mode After Hours, they are definitely worth checking out and may help to pass the time until the new episodes are airing again. From what I’ve seen, Betty fans should really enjoy the webisodes and the extra screen time for some of the most beloved Mode employees.

Ugly Betty Season 3 on DVD

by Lynn Little

bettysuarez Season three isn’t quite over as we still have a few episodes to go(even though we have to wait for them). But it has already been announced when season three will be available on DVD.

TV Shows on DVD has the news about when Ugly Betty season three will be available on DVD. According to the website, it will be September 22nd, 2009.

Apparently some of the DVD extras include bloopers, deleted scenes, and a special vignette on coming home to New York. The decision to move production to New York sparked a lot of talk and even got the California lawmakers to pass a bill to make it more enticing for film crews to stay in the Golden State. It will be interesting to see this behind-the-scenes look at the move.

The box set will retail for $59.99 in the United States and $79.99 in Canada.

The Sex Issue Recap

by Lynn Little

sexissueIt’s a bittersweet recap of last Thursday’s Ugly Betty episode as it is the last new one for a few months. Mode prepares to launch their first ever sex issue while some employees deal with their own issues. Betty is ready to take the next step in her relationship with Matt while Wilhemina is missing Connor. Molly writes a revealing poem about her relationship while Hilda and Archie grow closer.

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