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‘Betty Suarez Land’ Recap

by Lynn Little

Oh happy day! I was finally about to watch ‘Ugly Betty’ the night it aired. Sorry for the late recap as this changing weather is getting to me and I feel a nasty cold coming on. I will try to keep my nasty germs to myself. This week’s episode again did not disappoint as it really delivered a great story. I did miss the first 20 minutes or so due to no sound, so my recap might not be complete. For that, I apologize and will try to get this whole taping down. You’d think I had never used a VCR before. Anyway, less of my drama and more Betty after the jump.

Gio is back and Betty can’t understand why he doesn’t want to be her friend. Gio is the one who tells Betty she lives in Betty Suarez Land (hilarious!). She is so preoccupied with her life that she doesn’t take into consideration why Gio can’t return to their former relationship. Gio reveals that Betty broke his heart but he understands why she chose herself since he believes she is destined for great things. It’s a very touching scene.

Daniel is making plans to leave the country with D.J. since his French grandparents have come for him and they have the law on their side since Daniel is not his biological father. Gio agrees to help Betty take D.J. in his van to meet Daniel. They agree to meet at the Boardwalk. Once they meet up Daniel tells Betty of his plans to leave with Daniel and that he is not D.J’s dad. D.J. overhears this news and runs off. Gio, Betty, and Daniel do find him. Daniel has realized thanks to Betty that D.J. will be just fine with his grandparents in France. Daniel tells D.J. that he is not leaving him and will still be a part of his life.

Alexis is in jail and Wilhemina tries to strike a deal saying that she can use her connections get the charges dropped if she will turn over her portion of Meade stock to her. Alexis, of course, doesn’t go for the deal. Claire later tells Wilhemina that she will convince Alexis to give Wilhemina half her stock if she will use her influence to get the charges dropped. Next we see Daniel and Claire greeting Alexis as she is about to board a helicopter on the way to the airport. She is going to France for a while and Daniel encourages her to get to know her son, D.J. After hugging Claire and saying goodbye to Daniel, Alexis starts walking to the helicopter when Daniel runs to catch her and gives her a big hug.(Very sweet and touching moment)

Tony’s wife pays a visit to Hilda at her salon to talk about Betty, whom she believes is having an affair with her husband. The wife says that Tony has told her he has fallen in love with someone else but his wife wants to fight for their marriage. She has come to plea with Hilda to talk to Betty on her behalf. Later Tony visits Hilda at home saying he has some time that they can spend together. Hilda tells him that she can’t do this anymore and tells him about the visit from his wife. Hilda says the love of her life(Santos) and her didn’t get to have their second chance. She couldn’t stand in the way of Tony and his wife having theirs. Tony leaves. Ignacio then comes into the living room and hugs his daughter. At the end, the whole family is around Hilda to offer her comfort.

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  1. Эдуард Says:

    Статья очень понравилась! Этакий короткий микс полезных знаний. Хоть и “зажгли лампу среди белого дня”:)

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