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Bubble Series

by Lynn Little

bettyWith the sooner than planned return of Ugly Betty, what will happen to both ‘In the Motherhood’ and ‘Samantha Who’? The forecast looks bleak for Motherhood but possibly better for Samantha. Those aren’t the only shows waiting to hear about their fate.

While no ‘official’ word has been released about the renewal of ‘Ugly Betty’, it’s apparently been leaked by creditable sources that it will return for a fourth season.

There are several shows that are awaiting word on whether they will be around next fall. While many agree that UB will be returning, official word would be nice especially considering that last year they renewal announcement was made in February.

Some of my favorite shows like ‘Chuck’ are still awaiting word. NBC will have fewer hour-long slots in the fall when with the addition of Jay Leno’s new prime time daily show.

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