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Betty’s love life

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

114992_0507_thu With the return of Jessie in tonight’s episode and a romantic encounter taking place between him and Betty, it’s fun to wonder if Betty will have a new man in her life.

There have been rumors of yet another guy entering the picture at some point, so Jessie may not be a great romance like that of Henry or Gio. To me Jessie just isn’t right for Betty. Sure he’s good looking, a musician, and is a great escape for Betty from her normal life. But still he seems needy. I mean Betty threw him a party so he would have a gig and feel better about himself. He did thank Betty but also made out with Betty’s roommate Amanda. I’m just not getting the commitment vibe from Jessie. With Betty’s background, I am pretty certain that she is not looking for a fling. In fact, she swore off relationships for a while. But with the YETI program, it is clear to see that her career is moving forward,, so maybe it is time for to introduce romance back into her life.

There is rumors that Betty will meet someone through the YETI program(Matt) who might be a potential love interest. Apparently he’s a hunky but nerdy type of guy. Matt will be making his entrance February 19th.

It’s hard to bring any substantial love interest into a TV show. You have your main characters and it’s nearly impossible for that status quo to be broken for very long. If they do introduce someone new then it will be interesting to see how they can make this romance different her past ones. Hopefully we are not going to start rehashing plots.

Next Episode February 5th

Monday, January 26th, 2009

114992_0507_thuWe will have to wait until February 5th for a new episode of ‘Ugly Betty.’ Now that she is planning to move back home, how will this affect Betty’s ambition and her new independence?

From the preview, it looks like Jessie - Betty’s musician neighbor - returns to the show. Last we saw of Jessie was at the party that Betty threw together just for him to have a gig and to lift his spirits. Jessie wound up making out with Amanda - that crushed Betty.

Also there is still a lot of tension between Betty and Hilda. Even though they aired a lot of grievances last episode, there is still a lot to their relationship that needs to be talked about.

And then there are the new couples - Willie and Connor and Daniel and Molly. How will Connor react when he finds out about Daniel and Molly? I’m not sure if Molly will care as much about Connor dating Wilhemina because there’s really no history there. But with Connor and Daniel being friends, it should create some tension to say the least.

Two characters who roles have definitely changed this year are Marc and Amanda. We see a very ambitious, driven Marc and a kinder, gentler Amanda. Since becoming Betty’s roommate, Amanda has become a friend to Betty. Hopefully another YETI assignment makes it into the show. Also it would be nice to see some ambition from Amanda.

And just when will Christina give birth? How will the new Meade arrival affect everyone? Is Connor ready to play Daddy? There’s just all sorts of interesting twists and turns that can be explored.

The February 5th episode is entitled “Kissed off.” Apparently Jessie is throwing off Betty’s plans to help her family and Connor is determined to find out Molly’s admirer.

It’s All About The Celebrity Endorsers

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

America FerreraAmber Tamblyn
It’s 2008 and that means its time for every celebrity in Hollywood to start telling us why we need to vote for their favorite candidate for president. Now I for one am so happy that finally, we get to get rid of George W. Bush but when celebrities get involved they same to do more harm then good. Just having certain celebrities endorse your campaign is enough to make anyone who dislikes them angry enough to vote for the other guy.

Now America Ferrera has gotten involved in the presidential race. Both she and Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia) have announced their official support of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Together they will serve as national co-chairs of the “Hillblazers” the youth outreach program of the Clinton campaign.

Both America Ferrera and Amber Tamblyn starred in the youth friendly film Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and both are Emmy nominated actresses (with America Ferrera winning.) But the question remains, will their endorsement of the Clinton campaign help put our first female president in office?


Guest Star Frenzy

Friday, August 10th, 2007


For Season 2 Ugly Betty seems to be making some rather interesting choices for guest stars. First theirs Victoria Beckham whose best know for being married to Soccer star David Beckham and for being a singer in the I-wish-they-would-stay-retired girl group the Spice Girls. Now Vanessa Williams is set to reunite with her ex-husband Rick Fox on the show, where he will be playing her love interest and her body guard of all things. Is anyone else getting a flash back to Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner courtesy The Bodyguard film? Fox a retired NBA player for the Los Angeles Lakers is booked for at least 2 episodes.

The real question is can Posh and Rick Fox act? Posh’s role is reported to be a cameo which shouldn’t be too much of a stretch but Fox’s role will definitely require more acting chops. Here’s hoping both of them are up to the challenge and don’t leave the fans disappointed. If nothing else I can’t wait to see why Wilhelmina needs a bodyguard. I’m guessing Claire Meade wants her husband back! On the fashion front Ugly Betty is making some very wise choices with none other than fashion icon Kenneth Cole set to guest star.

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Ugly Betty Emmy Predictions: My Top 8

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

The 2007 Primetime Emmy’s will be announced tomorrow! Until then read my predictions on which Ugly Betty stars could receive nominations and who probably won’t. After reading feel free to give me your predictions and tell me why I’m wrong.

America Ferrera

  1. America Ferrera as Betty Suarez: Her portrayal of the hardworking Betty Suarez melted millions of hearts around the world. Not only did she represent a unique portrayal on TV but her character sparked debates about the fashion industry, the representation of female beauty on TV, and even inner beauty! Predictions: Best chance of making the ballot since she’s the lead in the show and she’s been raking up wins all year including the Golden Globe and SAG.

Vanessa Williams

  1. Vanessa Williams as Wilhelmina Slater: She’s a Bitch and she revels in it. Her portrayal of the ruthless Wilhelmina Slater is a fan favorite. No one else could take a character who has moments of great evil and also make her both vulnerable and likeable. Predictions: If theirs any justice in the world she will receive a nomination! As far as supporting actresses go she has the best chance of making the ballot.

Predictions for the other 6: I know they all deserve to win but unfortunately they all can’t. None of these will probably make the ballot, though they’ve all given incredible performances. If anything they will end up canceling each other out. The show itself should definitely receive a nomination for best ensemble cast.

Ana Ortiz

  1. Ana Ortiz as Hilda Suarez: Her performance as Hilda Suarez has even received comparison to TV legend Lucille Ball. In almost any one else’s hands Hilda would have been a loud mouthed Queens’ girl but Ana made Hilda both vulnerable smart and loveable.


Not everyone is in love with Ugly Betty

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Jamie Pressly

Jamie Pressly star of NBC’s My Name is Earl recently insulted Ugly Betty in an interview. She stated that the sitcom “bores the hell out of me”. Jamie also blasted the sitcom for having what she considers double standards about plastic surgery, and “purposefully big-upping the ugly fat girl to make everybody feel great.” Interestingly enough both My Name is Earl and Ugly Betty air at the same time in the USA.

No offense to Jamie (who I love as Earl’s ex-wife) but if she really made these statements it seems to me that she doesn’t get the point of the show. In my opinion Ugly Betty does not glamorize plastic surgery or the types of people who get it, instead it mocks them! As for her statement about the “ugly fat girl” once again she missed the mark. Betty is neither ugly nor fat just not the typical skinny blonde.

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Making fun of mommies

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Maybe it’s just a case of random posters or commentors looking for a laugh but the post I’ve been reading lately on other Internet message boards take great relish in making fun of Salma Hayek’s growing waistline. Some seem to take great relish in calling her fat and saying that her career is now over. It’s true that Salma Hayek has gained some weight but what healthy pregnant woman hasn’t!

Salma Hayek is a gorgeous woman and pregnant or skinny she looks fabulous. I applaud her for not going the typical Hollywood route and starving herself in order not to put on any weight. As for her career it couldn’t be hotter! Not only is she a producer on Ugly Betty, she’s engaged to marry a billionaire and now she has the power to make the type of movies that reflect her culture. Looks to me like she’s going to be just fine; what do you think?

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Lessons They’ve Taught Us

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

What the Dad’s of Ugly Betty can teach the rest of us

Sunday is Father’s Day for some of us and what great time to reflect back on the lessons that some of our favorite TV dads have taught their children. We’ve got the good, the bad and the soon to be dad! Read the post below, vote for your favorite dad and have a happy father’s day! Feel free to share what makes your dad special.

The Bad – Bradford Meade

They say the best way to judge how good a parent you are is to ask your kids! If that’s the case than Bradford Meade has a lot to make up for. The rich and sophisticated publisher has spent a lot of time building up his empire but unfortunately he hasn’t put the same level of attention into his kids.

1. His oldest son Alex faked his own death and had a sex change operation just to come back as Alexis and make dear dad pay for not accepting him as he was. His father’s callous statement that he would of rather he never been born then to be a woman didn’t help their relationship any. Showing an astounding lack of love and sensitivity Bradford paid someone to sleep with his daughter and get her to leave her job as co editor-in-chief of Mode magazine.

2. Younger son Daniel has a lot of demons that dad helped create. The playboy makes up for his feelings of loneliness and lack of family support with a series of strings with models as superficial with him. His father has always let him know that Alex was his favorite and let Daniel know how he never measured up. Bradford’s main attention to Daniel is to reprimand him for his exploits not realizing they are all a desperate attempt to get his attention.

3. In the season finale receptionist Amanda is revealed to be the daughter of Bradford’s mistress Fey Summers. Is Bradford the father? If so he’s really got some sins to atone for!

The Lesson to be learned: Love your children not your possessions and take the time to give each individual child the love and support they need!


Here’s Hoping for a Plot Twist

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Am I the only one who was saddened and angry that the writers of Ugly Betty felt the need to kill off Santos? I know that the actor who plays Santos (Kevin Alejandro) was starring in FOX’s Drive (which has since been canceled). But of all the characters who should have died Santos would not have made my list. With such a crazy first season it’s no wonder that Ugly Betty has become well know for winning awards and featuring controversial plot lines.

Santo’s Death was dramatically and expertly placed at the shows Season Finale. Even though his performance was believable and the performance by Hilda (Ana Ortiz) was incredible to watch his death just didn’t ring true. In fact it left a lot of fans (including yours truly) angry and saddened.

Santos had shaped up to be one of my favorite characters. He started out as a somewhat shady boy who had basically abandoned Hilda and his son. Through out the first season he transformed. He grew up and became a man that was capable of loving and accepting his son just as he was and was able to provide the love and support to the women he loved.

Can a single mother catch a break? Come on! Hilda, the single mother and a fan favorite was one character truly deserving to find some happiness. After breaking up with Santos when she became pregnant in high school and raising their son Justin mostly on her own for the last 12 years she and Santos had mended the pain of their past and found love again.

But instead of these two characters getting their happy ending Santos was murdered by a desperate robber at a convenience store. Killed when he stopped to pick up a present for his son Justin, on the way to see him perform in his schools musical production of West Side Story.

I’m hoping when Season 2 comes back there is a huge twist and Santos isn’t really dead. Maybe he’s only seriously wounded or in a coma. I know that sounds awful. But at least then their would be some hope for a happy ending.

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Does Wilhelmina deserve to be Editor-in-chief?

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Lately with all the hoopla surrounding Alexis and Daniel you have to wonder who is taking care of Mode magazine and who really deserves the title of editor-in-chief?

Though Daniel has had his moments as a reformed cad and semi handworker for the most part his days seemed to be taken up with dealing with the newest family scandal and indulging in public sex.

Alexis on the other hand has given all of her time and energy since returning from the dead to torturing their father and…torturing their father.

The Meade’s self indulgent behavior has left Wilhelmina to handle the major details of putting the magazine together. Yes she’s evil and ruthless but she knows how to get the job done. In fact she’s the only one with any experience in the fashion world.

Besides the letter from the editor and proofing the magazine the Meade siblings seem a little distant from its operation. I can understand Claire Meade’s position of wanting to keep the magazine in the family, but the Meade’s are rich! Meade Publications is home to many successful magazines and the Meade siblings could have had their pick of any.

My vote is for Wilhelmina as editor-in-chief. Yes we love to hate her but she’s gets my vote because she’s good at her job but mostly it would make for some great TV! I can just see her with an evil smirk on her face as she whips the office into shape and gets her revenge on the Meade siblings.



Is Justin Gay? - Who Cares!

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Mark Indelicato as Justin Since Ugly Betty premiered their has been a lot of speculation about whether or not Betty’s effeminate nephew Justin is gay. The idea of seeing a child portrayed as gay has caused a verbal sparring match and much debate among fans of the show and its critics alike.

Some people have applauded the writers for making such a bold decision and some religious advocated have been up in arms at the perceived threat to traditional family values having a gay child on primetime television could cause. Honestly though I could care less, here’s why I think Justin’s sexuality is a mute point.

Justin is only 12 years old. Why attribute any sexual identity to him as this point? As a society we tend to put way to much pressure on children to act certain ways and to meet certain standards. By saying that any boy who likes musicals and counts calories is gay we stereotype him into that role. Watching Martha Stewart and loving musicals does not make Justin gay. It just makes him a young boy who is unafraid to just be himself.

Justin is well adjusted and has a great family support system. His mother allows him to be himself without fear or consequences. Betty, Ignacio, and even Santos are their to support Justin and allow him to fully be a kid without labeling him. In the warm comfort of the Suarez home Justin is not encouraged to act more “manly” or to tone down his flamboyant behaviors. Through their unspoken support Justin is able to explore his identity without fear of repercussions.

Why do so many people think the character of Justin is gay? Maybe the problem lies in societies need to label everyone. It’s true that Justin is an untraditional male character but what does that even mean? On TV portrayals of children fit nicely into little molds. The pretty little girls who play with dolls and the cute little boys who play with fire trucks. But in real life children fit into many more modes. If Justin is causing a stir for anything it’s for creating an interesting and unique portrayal of a child on television that breaks from the cookie cutter mold we’ve come to expect.

If Justin was a girl and liked to play with cars or tools no one would automatically assume he was gay. Female race car drivers are not assumed to be gay neither are female bodybuilders or young women who want to join the football team. Why? Because we as a society have realized how ignorant it is to label a woman’s sexual orientation based on what her interest and hobbies are.

Yet we don’t offer the same level of protection to males. If anything we as women have been allowed to explore our identities outside the norms of society’s expectations but males are still expected to only act within certain defined roles. If their is any reason we should be debating Justin’s sexuality its this - There is so much this young boy could teach us all about acceptance and being true to ourselves.

What do you think?

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Who’s your office Bitch?

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

The Mode Divas: Part 1

In the offices of Mode Wilhelmina is the queen bitch. She is cold hearted, ruthless, and wiling to sacrifice anyone and do anything in order to get to the top. So far she has tried to buy Betty’s assistance into betraying Daniel, assisted in framing Bradford for murder and cost Christina the chance to have Sarah Jessica Parker wear her design. All this and the show is still in the 1st season!

But in last nights episode Wilhelmina raised the stakes! The diabolical diva pitted Meade against Meade without even putting a hair out of place and with a single perfectly arched eyebrow laid down the gauntlet. No matter what one might think of good old Willie you got to admit that the woman is smart and a true master at being evil.

Wilhelmina manages to turn Alexis against Daniel and makes Daniel once again doubt his ability to run a magazine. What makes Wilhelmina so diabolically clever at playing table tennis with the Meade clans hearts is their complete ignorance to the fact that they’ve been manipulated!!

No one seems to realize what she’s up to except Claire Meade. Wilhelmina tries to get Claire drunk so she would give her power of attorney but that plan failed. So Wilhelmina then decides to offer her self to Bradford instead! Is she really so obsessed with power that she would sleep with Bradford Meade? Does she really think he will marry her? Is she forgetting that alcoholic wife on his shoulder who has already murdered the last woman who stood between her and her man?

In her battle with Constance Claire Meade proved she is one woman that can not be intimidated. Yet Claire is in detox, how long can that iron will last out compared to getting the one thing she really wants? More booze! I’m sure that Wilhelmina is just waiting around the corner to see how low Claire Meade can sink before Willie’s offer gets too tempting to resist.

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There’s just something about Henry Part 1

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

Both Charlie and Betty want Henry

Am I the only one who has a major crush on Henry? Even though I am a Betty and Daniel fan there is something about Henry that makes dork look so sexy!

Is it the random bits of information that he spits out? Maybe it’s the fact that he’s an accountant or it could be those eyeglasses. Whatever it is Henry has a soft spot in my heart. Christopher Gorham makes a character that could be stiff and boring both charming and interesting.

With just a subtle lift of the eyebrow or a simple facial expression he makes Henry come alive. It’s not just Henry’s looks that make me such a fan it’s the words he speaks to Betty and how he interacts with her. Unlike others at Mode Henry didn’t dismiss Betty because of her individuality instead he appreciated her for it and made her feel comfortable.

Who wouldn’t love a guy who tells a girl she deserves to find someone who appreciates just how special you are?

Coming this weekend my love obsession with Henry continues!

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Will Christina go to the dark side?

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Will christina go over to the dark side?

Much like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Ugly Betty’s Christina is on the verge of tumbling over into darkness. Christina (played by Ashley Jensen from Extras fame) is the frumpy in house seamstress at Mode magazine and one of Betty’s best friends. But Christina is also an aspiring fashion designer and in a weak moment she did a “favor” for Wilhelmina, the deliciously evil creative director of Mode who will do anything to be editor and chief.

Once Christina found out that the anonymous package she dropped off at the police station was being used to have Bradford arrested she was upset and rightly so. Even though Wilhelmina has made several more attempts to get Christina to become The Third Musketeer Christina vowed she wanted no part of Wilhelmina’s scheming and conniving.

But Wilhelmina had one more card up her sleeve and ruthlessly took away Christina’s big chance to design a dress for Sarah Jessica Parker right as she was packing it up to go. At this point Christina only has two choices make a pact with the devil, or confess to Betty what she did. Each choice could be a disaster. Wilhelmina will probably stab her in the back again, and if Christina decides to help her she will probably feel guilty for betraying Betty and spilling her secrets to Wilhelmina.

If Christina confesses to Betty what she did the consequences could be even worse. Betty may never forgive her and the close friendship they once shared will be ruined. Also if Betty finds out what she did she will tell Daniel and he of course will use this information to help get his father out of jail or prove once and for all that Wilhelmina is trying to sabotage the magazine and maybe finally get her butt kicked out of there! Here’s hoping that Christina finds a third option.

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Will Claire turn herself in?

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

And what does this mean for those at Mode?

Will Bradford get his revenge? I’m still having a hard time believing that Claire Meade really had Fey Summers killed. After all if your husband had been carrying on an affair for two decades why get mad towards the end of the affair? Claire knew that Bradford and Fey had a relationship well before it ended; her husband broke up with Fey when she confronted him and told him to choose so why have Fey murdered? Did she threaten to tell the world about the illicit affair? Was she blackmailing Claire to keep quiet? Or maybe there is more to the story.

In the last episode of Ugly Betty Claire indicated she was going to turn herself in, yet she goes home and we see Daniel waiting on her steps. If she had really wanted to turn herself in why didn’t she do it that day? Knowing Daniel and his strained relationship with his father will he try and talk his mother out of turning herself in?

If Claire does turn herself in and Bradford gets free heads at Mode are going to roll! Starting with Bradford’s very own daughter/son, Alexis. Having your father framed for murder and taking over his company is a little extreme just because he didn’t agree with your personal choices. Bradford has proved to be ruthless in the past and after Alexis ruining his reputation, having him arrested and making Meade Publications a laughing stock at Fashion Week Bradford probably won’t be too concerned with family ties.

Wilhelmina on the other hand may be able to avoid any blame. After all it wasn’t her who handed the information to the police it was Christina. Wilhelmina though ruthless is also an excellent strategist and so far she has completely managed to avoid blame for the cutthroat actions she has taken at the magazine. If Bradford finds out it was Christina who turned in the fake information to the police Christina will end up fired and Wilhelmina will claim complete ignorance of any wrong doing.

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