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The Sex Issue Recap

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

sexissueIt’s a bittersweet recap of last Thursday’s Ugly Betty episode as it is the last new one for a few months. Mode prepares to launch their first ever sex issue while some employees deal with their own issues. Betty is ready to take the next step in her relationship with Matt while Wilhemina is missing Connor. Molly writes a revealing poem about her relationship while Hilda and Archie grow closer.


The Mother of a Problem Recap

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

motherproblem2 Betty meets Matt’s mom, Hilda’s family sets her up with Councilman Archie, Wilhemina sells some of her favorite things, and Daniel comes to accept an important decision from Molly. A lot happened and as far as episodes, it was OK. Not the best but pretty good. More after the jump.


Sugar Daddy Recap

Friday, March 6th, 2009

sugardaddy This week’s ‘Ugly Betty’ dealt with the aftermath of Connor’s theft from Meade publications as well as Betty’s own monetary woes as her family is being evicted from their home. The episode really shows Daniel’s depth as both a businessman and a boyfriend. We also learn more about Matt.


There’s no place like Mode recap

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

bettysuarezThis week’s episode of ‘Ugly Betty’ has the staff busy with Fashion Week and Betty with a new YETI assignment. Wilhemina works to get back on top in the fashion world as Daniel gives Molly as makeover. Also Christina goes into labor.


There’s no place like Mode short recap

Friday, February 20th, 2009

modedanielIt’s Fashion Week at Mode. Getting ready for the week of events leaves everyone at Mode very busy. Betty’s latest YETI assignment teams her up with someone from a sports magazine - not her first choice. Wilhemina is being pushed aside by the fashion world. Hilda continues to struggle with Ignacio and Elena’s relationship. Daniel gives Molly a makeover for Fashion Week.


Courtship Recap

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

314 Once again I missed the first part of ‘Ugly Betty.’ The good news is that it was only about the first 5 minutes so basically the set up for all the plots that would unfold.

Daniel is planning surprise birthday party for his mom, Claire Meade. So that means that Betty is doing a lot of the planning. She is compiling a video for the event. Daniel and Molly run into Wilhemina and Connor (ice skating) where Molly and Connor reminisce about some of their past experiences - which leaves Willie and Daniel out of the conversation and somewhat bothered by it.

Kissed Off Recap

Friday, February 6th, 2009

kissedoff This week’s episode of ‘Ugly Betty’ brought some closure to some story plots and paved the way for new ones. Betty contemplates moving back home but then is torn when Jesse shows an interest in her.

I have to admit that I missed the first 30 minutes of ‘Ugly Betty.’ It has been freezing here all week, and my heater just wasn’t keeping us warm. So we took a quick trip to town to buy a new one. Once we got back, I was able to finally be warm and watch TV.

From watching the previews, I had gathered that Connor is really bother by Molly vacationing with someone else and wants to find out who he is. Wilhemina becomes mad when Connor blows her off and will question their relationship. Betty and Jesse share a kiss that leaves both of them confused and wondering what’s next. Ignacio is adjusting to having a nurse tell him what to do - albeit not very well.

Connor does find out that it’s Daniel who is dating Molly apparently through something he signed “RJ” (Real Jerk). Before Connor confronts Daniel in the boxing ring, Wilhemina tells Connor that she knows he hates to lose(with Molly) but that if she hates to lose, too! Connor needs to choose just what he wants. Connor and Daniel are boxing when Connor starts throwing real punches at Daniel. He then tells him he knows it was him dating Molly and how mad he is for Daniel lying to him. Connor then leaves the ring. Connor later tells Willie that she is the one he wants to be with and asks for her forgiveness. Later Betty and Daniel are in his office when Connor walks in and asks Daniel if he is set for the financial meeting. Daniel mentions what happened between them and Connor said he is past it and said all he needed to in the ring.

Betty has been trying to get a hold of Jesse but he doesn’t answer his cell phone. She goes by his place of work where he is singing to talk to him. They talk and Jesse says that he is a little confused but wants to go on a date with Betty. Betty agrees, so that night they have their date at the same place Jesse works. There is a cute scene where Amanda and Marc are ‘helping’ Betty prepare for her date. During the date, Jesse constantly talks about himself so much that Betty daydreams about him singing a song with just the word ‘me.’ (Too cute and too true. I had thought this plot might be heading this way since we’ve already seen Betty do way more for Jesse than he has done for her) She tells him that this is not going to work and that they aren’t really into each other - he using her for his purpose and she using him for her own purpose.

Ignacio is cooking when his nurse tells him he will need to cook with cooking spray instead of butter. Ignacio becomes mad since the kitchen is his domain and he has already cut out some of the fat. The nurse lays it all on the line by telling him that she has seen this before with heart attack victims and when they don’t change their habits, they die. She also plays the family card in her speech. The next day Ignacio makes omelets using the nurse’s suggestions. He then thanks her for being straight up with him and asks if she would like to take a walk that way - something she has been forcing him to do apparently.

Betty moves out of her apartment and Amanda looks a little sad. But Betty has found her a roommate - Marc. So those two are happy as Marc immediately talks about doing an ‘extreme homo makeover.’

The show ends with Betty being welcomed back home.

Sisters on the verge of a nervous breakdown recap

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

BettyverseWhat a long title for this episode but it really says it all. Hilda and Betty drive each other crazy trying to take care of their father while love is in the air at Mode for both Daniel and Wilhemina. Not with each other but with the former couple Molly and Connor. Here’s more of a recap typed while watching the show.

The staff returns after two weeks vacation with Molly and Daniel vacationing together while Connor and Wilhemina go on their own adventure.

Mrs. Meade returns from a trip to France where she visited with Alexis and DJ. Betty talks about her dad’s appointment with Dr. Steve. Mrs. Meade then sets up a visit with her cardiologist as a Manhattan hospital that won’t cost Betty a thing since the Meades give so much to the hospital.

Hilda is taking care of their father when Betty decides she isn’t doing the best job - like forgetting to give him his pills. Betty says that she will take over caring for him.

Mrs. Meade’s cardiologist orders some tests for Ignacio and tells Betty she did the right thing bringing him in- worrying Betty and Hilda that there might be a problem with their dad.

Willie and Connor have a ‘meeting’ that turns into some heavy making out. Marc intersects a client to see Willie from catching them in the act. They leave and then Willie tells Marc to call them back.

Betty is at the hospital and realizes she has mixed up some photos she was suppose to link to the press. Betty has to get photos back from Daniel’s and Molly’s vacation.

Fashion reporter guy is going with the story about Daniel at the beach.

Amanda raiding the closet. Willie and Conner making out. Marc removes Amanda from room and makes her swear not to tell anyone. Amanda agrees not to. Marc is afraid this affair will make Willie’s star fade - right before he is about to make his big mark in fashion.

Marc asks Betty for advice on what to do when your boss blows off work for sex. Marc and Amanda give Betty advice for taking care of the Suzuki St. Pierre news dish about Daniel. Apparently Suzuki’s ex works at Mode who they are after to get some dirt on him so that he will drop the story. The ex gives Betty an address.

Daniel and Betty go to the address and hide as a van pulls up with two soccer kids, wife, and a very plain Suzuki - aka Bryon Woo. Bryon says that the fashion world wouldn’t go near him but when he transforms into Suzuki, they love him.

Marc convnces JJ La Clutra(the client and yes I have butchered the name!) to let him give the advertising proposal. Marc is about to give the presentation when Willie walks in after another romp with Connor. She scorns him for not coming to get her.

Betty convinces family man Bryon not to run the story that would ruin lives. Bryon glances at his own kids and agrees not to run it.

Betty returns to the hospital only to find Ignacio gone. The doctor talks to Betty and tells her that he is fine. Hilda is upset because Betty made them take Ignacio to the hospital for all these tests and further tells her that Betty is too controlling. Everything has to be her way and when Hilda does something it’s wrong - like taking care of Ignacio.

Ignacio says he is going to hire a part-time nurse to take care of him - saying he won’t come between Hilda and Betty.

Willie lands the account and gives Marc a nice gift for being thrown under the bus.

Molly still makes page six of the gossip page. Daniel is cut out and Connor knows it’s Molly.

Willie asks Marc to take a meeting for her as she is leaving - showing him that she does think he is capable of doing a good job.

Amanda and Betty are going over bills. Betty tells Amanda she is moving out - or Amanda tells her she knows since Betty’s family needs her.

Justin calls to tell Ignacio is at home. Betty and Hilda have a big blowout over their father which leads to them airing out some of their problems that have been building up for a while.

Ignacio informs the girls that he is going to hire a nurse to take care of him because he will not come between them.

It was a very good episode.

Yeti Recap

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Last week’s ‘Ugly Betty’ episode, ‘When Betty Meets Yeti,’ pitted Betty against Marc for a spot in the YETI program or Young Editors in Training. Only one could be accepted from Mode. Who would win this face off and why? The episode, as usual, was entertaining but I noticed a pattern developing that made the episode seem stale. It seems if the main characters do not have an ongoing plot, then they are destined to play out the same scenarios week after week. I’ll explain more after the jump and recap.


Tornado Girl Recap

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

While the big shots at Meade are preparing for a corporate retreat, Betty is reveling in the fact that she gets to give final approval to the latest issue of Mode in the absence of Daniel and Wilhemina. This simple tasks turns into a nightmare. More after the jump.


Crush’d Recap

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Betty’s crush on her neighbor causes her to do a lot of work this episode. Is Jesse really worth all of Betty’s efforts? The jury is still out on that but from what I’ve seen of Jessie, I would have to say no. This episode really highlights just how different Jesse is from Betty’s other romantic interests. Jesse seems more needy and so creates a different dynamic.

Amanda has been kicked out of her apartment and is living at Mode. That ends and so she shows up at Betty’s door looking for a place to stay. This is bad timing since Betty was planning to have Jessie over to cheer him up since he is down and out about his music career. Betty has to cancel her plans with Jessie.

Later, Betty attempts to ask her neighbor Jessie to a Mode party but he takes it as she is asking his band to play at the party since he had confided in her about being depressed. She doesn’t have the heart to correct him and so winds up throwing a separate Mode party on her roof.

The party is a huge success. Jessie is happy and seems to be into Betty. However, Betty later catches Jessie and Amanda making out. She gets mad and tells Amanda she needs to leave.

Meanwhile, Cliff asks Marc to move in with him. Marc is obviously against the idea, maybe scared of commitment? He puts off answering him and at Betty’s party, Marc cheats on Cliff. Cliff shows up at the party and then out of guilt, Marc asks Cliff to marry him.

Wilhemina learns the truth about Connor - but seems to get over it and develops a huge crush on him. She takes their situation as flirting until Connor mentions a he has a fiancee. Willie looks sad at Betty’s party after she learns this bit of news. The party ends but Willie stays.

Amanda apologizes to Betty and says she didn’t know that Jessie was her crush. They talk it out and Betty lets Amanda stay. Betty then heads to the roof to start cleaning up. Willie calls her over and they share a beer. It’s a real touching moment as both of these women are basically in the same boat when it comes to their love interest.

Granny Pants Recap

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

I’m incredibly late with this recap but was out of town for three days. Silly me thought I could get it done while visiting with family. The episode did not disappoint as Kimmie fell really hard. Oh karma sucks doesn’t it? Great episode and the full recap after the jump.


Episode 3.5 ‘Granny Pants’

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Here we are in week five of the new season and finally I have my ‘Ugly Betty’ woes worked out. As you may remember, I tape the shows and watch ‘Survivior.’ The past few weeks have been rocky with trying to videotape at my parent’s house and not being able to watch the show later at my house. Finally I’m able to pick up ABC and record the show at my home.

Now about the show. It was interesting. A little predictable but still have a few good moments that made it worthwhile. More details after the jump.


‘Betty Suarez Land’ Recap

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

Oh happy day! I was finally about to watch ‘Ugly Betty’ the night it aired. Sorry for the late recap as this changing weather is getting to me and I feel a nasty cold coming on. I will try to keep my nasty germs to myself. This week’s episode again did not disappoint as it really delivered a great story. I did miss the first 20 minutes or so due to no sound, so my recap might not be complete. For that, I apologize and will try to get this whole taping down. You’d think I had never used a VCR before. Anyway, less of my drama and more Betty after the jump.


Epsiode 3.2 - Crimes of Fashion Recap

Friday, October 10th, 2008

We are only on the third episode of the season and already it’s getting really good. I have to admit that I didn’t expect much out of this one since it seemed to center around one plot and basically thought it might be mostly ‘filler’ to get us to the next Mode crisis. Well I’m sorry that I ever doubted that this episode wouldn’t deliver on great, quality entertainment with a few twists thrown in for good measure.


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