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SAG Photos

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Vanessa Williams presents onstage at the SAG Awards

 Actors William Petersen & Vanessa Williams presenting at the SAG Awards show 

The Screen Actors Guild Awards were held on Janurary 27. Most of the cast of Ugly Betty were in attendance. Even though the show was up for three awards they lost both. But the greate news was cast looked great and their were a lot of different styles of dresses worn, but this time somebody stole the show. Keep on Reading to find out!


Dressed in Black

 Michael Urie 




Michael Urie went with the classic look and pulls it off. Judith Light looked regal in black silk and diamonds. Mark Indelicato is too cute in his vest and pants. By far the most interesting look was Ana Ortiz, a sleeveless form fitting floor length black number. Even more impressive than the dress. The half a million dollars worth of diamonds by Kwait Ana is wearing! Diamond cluster earrings, vintage diamond and platinum bracelets and a even a diamond broach in her hair.



Flashy & Sassy


Both Ashley Jensen and Rebecca Romijn opted for glittery dresses. Ashley’s grey dress is floor length with gathering. The dress is slightly ill fitted and the draping is surprisingly frumpy, it just kills her natural sparkle. Rebecca’s kneelength with lace at the edges in shades of gray and black is head turning.


Best Looks

Becki Newton is iced perfectionGrey is the new black!


Vanessa makes gold glow!Vanessa makes gold glow!15363487451press131200832552pm.jpg Vanessa makes yellow come alive!Vanessa makes yellow come alive!

These 3 ladies have been shopping in the closets of Mode and it shows. 3 completly different looks but all look incredible. Becki Newton wears an all white tiered Elsie Katz dress that is dainty and flirty. Sparkles cover the gown, soft curls frame her face and give the dress a grown up fairytale vibe. America Ferrera proves that gray isn’t boring. Her charcol gray Monique Lhuillier dress with delicate lacing is accented by her bright pink lipcolor and a simple gathered hair style. Even her skin seemed to glow thanks to Lancôme*. My favorite look of the evening had to be Vanessa William’s strapless yellow dress. She proves that a yellow dress dosen’t have to be scary. The bright shade of yellow by Escada compliments her bronze skin. The side tied black belt and split gives the dress a nice silhoutte. Pulling the hair off her face and smoky eyes complete the look.

*Copy America’s makeup look thanks to Spoiled Pretty.

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Have a Very Ugly Halloween!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

If you haven’t yet finalized your Halloween custome the Ugly Betty way might be just what you need! Read on for some Ugly Betty costume ideas. For anyone that actually dresses up like an Ugly Betty cast member or just gets inspired by the show send me the photos I would love to feature them on this site, either kids or adults. Remember to Have a Very Happy Halloween and for those of you who don’t celebrate the holiday enjoy the fact that Friday is half-way here already!

Have A Very Ugly Halloween!

Dress like Betty: Betty (America Ferrera) is sweet and adorable but her fashion don’ts make for Halloween glee. The Essential Betty look needs a Dark Brown or Black face framing long wig with bangs, large “cat eye” glasses with red trim, and some fake braces. Pick clothing that is loud and demands attention, by mixing different prints together. A typical Betty outfit wil feature a blouse, sweater vest and pencil skirt. Shop for items at least a size to large to get the dowdy look. Look in vintage clothing stores and popular department stores for retro 70’s and “80’s styles.”

Spread Your Wings & Fly ButterflyUGLY_BETTY___America_Ferrera_2_.jpg

Alternate Betty outfits: Go as a colorblind Butterfly like Betty did last Halloween or theirs also the Betty poncho look.

Tip: Remember to use eyeliner to make your eyebrows look thick and bushy. Go take out the items you’re hiding in the back of your closet that you’re hoping will one day come back in style… they never will, Halloween is your only chance to wear them!

Hints on dressing like other Ugly Betty stars

Cowboy Henry!

Henry is geek sexy!

Henry: The “geek” look that Henry (Christopher Gorham) wears is fashions hottest trend. All it takes is slacks, dress shirt, sweater vest and tie. What makes the look special is the slicked back hair and large framed glasses. Instead of dressing office Herny try Henry as a Knight from Season 1 who comes to Betty’s rescue or the Cowboy from the Season 2 premiere.

Wilhelmina as the wicked witch!

Wilhelmina: Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) does not do cheap! Green eye contacts, a shoulder length brown wig with lighter blondish highlights, big hoop earrings and a fierce couture dress and fabolous high heels!

Faiba is fab-uo-lous for Halloween!

Fabia: The arch rival of Wilhelmina, Fabia (Gina Gershon) would make great fun for Halloween. Hold a miniature dog and puff your lips up to fake collagen injections, and suck in your checks for that fresh plastic surgery look. Don’t forget a long curly wig with bleached blonde hair and add costume jewlery to complete the look. For the clothes choose something fashionable but too tight and lower cut Fabia likes attention!

* Their are lots more choices for last minute Halloween outfits, including some great American Idol ideas. Whatever you do this Halloween remeber to stay safe!

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October Sightings & Fashion Wrap

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

October has been a busy month for the Ugly Betty stars check out some of the hot events that they partied at!

 Vanessa and Pup!

Cutest couples: Vanessa Williams and her reunited dog (that had been lost for several weeks) at the HomeAgain launch “Bring Pets Home” held at the Soho Animal Haven. (Oct.27 2007 Photo by Joe Kohen/WireImage)

Eric Mabius and wife Ivy Mabius at the Sea Shepherd Charity Benefit “Breaking The Ice” held at the Santa Monica Pier (Oct.13 2007 Photo by Jordan Strauss/WireImage)

Eric Mabius and wife Ivy

 Ana Ortiz

Event that proves that girls like games: Ana Ortiz at the Guitar Hero lll Launch Party held on the rooftop of Best Buy (Oct.27 2007 Photo by Paul Redmond/WireImage)


Introducing - The Spotlight

Monday, August 6th, 2007

Partly inspired by my weekly wrap-up’s I’m now adding on a new weekly feature The Spotlight, highlighting the best Ugly Betty moments from the week before in several different categories. If you stumble upon some great Ugly Betty news and want to share it feel free to let me know. I’ll provide you some link love if I use it.

Best Red Carpet Look: America Ferrera at the 2007 Imagen awards where she won best actress honors for Ugly Betty and the creative achievement award. Ana Ortiz was also honored for best supporting actress and the show received honors for best prime time series.


Best PDA: Actress Ana Ortiz and husband Noah Lebenzon at the premiere of El Cantante.


Best Quote: “She catches a lot of flak in the press in England, and I don’t know why exactly, because she’s a very eloquent, highly functioning, brilliant woman,” Eric Mabius defending Posh to US Weekly Online.

Best Love Life: Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell for having their honeymoon before their wedding, and then going right back to work.

Best Career Move: Salma Hayek might be pregnant and planning a wedding to a billionaire but that hasn’t slowed her down any! George Lopez is in talks to co write, star in and produce a film from her production company.

Best Guest Star: Posh. No I have no desire to see her on Ugly Betty but obviously from all of the buzz surrounding her cameo appearance it should be great for ratings!

Best Contest: The huge one going on right now at 451press! For the month of August every time you leave a comment on my site (hint, hint!) or any other site on the network you could win! Grand prize is $300, and runner up prizes of $200 or $100 are available. Good Luck!

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Compare the Styles

Monday, March 5th, 2007

Which Ana Ortiz dress is your favorite?

Ana Ortiz at CDGA

At the Costume Designers Guild Awards on February 17, Ana Ortiz wears a form fitting brown dress with a plunging neckline accentuated with a gold belt.

Image Awards

While at the NAACP Image Awards on March 2, she chooses a sleeveless dress with a two tone design of light and medium blue. I think I like this dress a little more, its like spring came early! Her hair would have looked even better up though.

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Want an Ugly Betty necklace?

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Anne Boleyn necklace Have you noticed the necklace that America Ferrera wears in each episode of Ugly Betty? The custom designed necklace is an exact replica of the necklace worn by Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII, who he had beheaded.

The necklace was designed by artist Jennifer Parrish. Jennifer creates all of her pieces by hand! The Anne Boleyn necklace features a strand of faux pearls, with an antiqued letter B that has three single pearls hanging from it.

If you want to own the necklace look no further you can buy it directly from Jennifer Parrish. Jennifer even allows you to customize your necklace using different letters, fonts, or whatever else you fashion plate desires.

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The 10th Annual Impact Awards Gala

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Several Ugly Betty cast members were on hand Friday night at The National Hispanic Media Coalition annual Gala.

Ana Ortiz in a form fitting black dress

Tony Plano in a classic suit and wife Ada Maris

America Ferrera in a simple black dress with a deep V neck

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