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Ugly Betty Spin-off ideas

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

urieI was reading an interesting article about TV characters that needed saving. Basically these characters were being under used in their current TV show and would be much better with their own show. It got me to thinking about if there was an ‘Ugly Betty’ sequel, which character would be best to carry this new show?

With the current plots in place, it seems like a good choice would be Marc. Maybe when he graduates from YETI he gets a chance to either become a writer or start his own magazine. One of Betty’s past love interest like Gio might make for a good spin-off. Or even a funny Office-like setting featuring Henry might have potential.

One possibility I like but may be too close to breaking up the whole show would be to have Hilda(Ana Ortiz) in her own show. Hilda could move out on her own, and start her own business. Sort of like an updated Mary Tyler Moore Show. Not having Hilda on the show wouldn’t be good since she really represents Betty’s family. Sure there’s Ignacio but if you take Hilda then you take Justin. Betty and Hilda share a lot of sisterly advice that’s good for the show because it reminds us of Betty’s values and roots.

It’s kind of fun to think of a spin-off of ‘Ugly Betty.’ Which character do you think could be the star of their own show?

Ugly Betty renewal

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

114992_0507_thu Is ABC getting close to renewing ‘Ugly Betty’ for a fourth season? Michael Ausiello thinks so and he knows his stuff. ABC says they are not ready to make any such announcements.

It was last year at this time when the renewal for a third season was announced. So hopefully ABC is getting close to announcing their decisions. I have to admit that the announced hiatus of ‘Betty’ had me really worried about its future. If ‘Betty’ wasn’t renewed before the hiatus, would the ratings still be there in the summer for the show to be picked up for a fourth season? Now it seems like there will be a fourth season and hopefully an official announcement soon.

This is wonderful news to read. It could only be better if ABC had done an official announcement.

Cheyenne Jackson guest star on ‘Ugly Betty’

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

jackson Cheyenne Jackson is the next star to be announced to have a guest appearance on ‘Ugly Betty.’ The gorgeous openly gay actor/singer will play a gay dad on an upcoming episode. Details of the episode and air date have not been announced.

Jackson - who was named 2008 Entertainer of the Year by ‘Out’ magazine - was last seen on Broadway playing the lead role of Sonny in Xandau. Jackson has also had guest appearances on ‘Lipstick Jungle’ and ‘Life on Mars.’

Hopefully we’ll see him before ‘Betty’ goes on hiatus in March. It will be interesting to learn more about his role if it has something to do with a classmate of Justin’s since he plays a dad. It is about time to get back to some story line featuring Justin. He’s such a fun character, so it’s nice to see his role explored.

Christine Baranski coming to ‘Betty’

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

christinebaranski Christine Baranksi is making a guest appearance on ‘Ugly Betty.’ Baranski was last seen on the big screen in last year’s musical ‘Mamma Mia!’ Christine returns to television once again for at least three episodes of our favorite TV show.

Christine will play the mom of Matt - a fellow YETI member of Betty’s. It is rumored that Matt - played by Daniel Eric Gold - will be Betty’s next love interest. It will be interesting to see a mom in the picture. Christine is known for her funny, witty roles like her character ‘Maryann Thorp’ on the comedy ‘Cybil.’ I expect her character to be sure of herself, possibly a little bossy, and hilariously outrageous. After all, this is ‘Ugly Betty’ we’re talking about.

Betty meets Matt on the February 19th episode when they must do a YETI task together.

New Episode Tonight

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

There hasn’t been much here in the past month. We’ve had sickness, illness, and crankiness ever since Christmas.

But now everyone is on the mend and so it’s time to concentrate on important matters - like what is going on in Betty’s world. Ok, maybe it’s not that important as family but it still ranks up there.

Tonight’s previews looks to continue the storyline from last week. Betty’s first YETI assignment is causing rifts at home. Betty’s dad suffers a heart attack at the end of last week’s show. How will this affect Betty?

It should be - as usual - a great show.

Kimmie gets what’s coming?

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Thursday’s new episode will have Kimmie showing her true mean colors and Betty in competition with her. From the preview, it looks like Kimmie has ruffled a few wrong feathers as it appears Marc and Amanda set her up for a big fall.

With the announcement that Lindsay Lohan’s guest appearance has been cut back, Thursday’s episode might be her final one. It will be interesting to see just how Kimmie ticks off Marc and Amanda. It must be pretty bad or either pretty petty to get those two on her bad side.

Salma Hayek - half lesbian?!?

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Talk about an ‘open mouth, insert foot’ moment. A British talk show host who misunderstood Salma as to say she was “half lesbian” asked the actress flat off if she was.

The host Eamonn Holmes asked Salma about her last name and said it didn’t sound very Mexican. Salma then said she was half-Lebanese - that is her father is from Lebanon. Holmes misunderstood and thought she had said she was half-lesbian and then asked her if she was. Salma remained cool and calm to the question. She leaned over and spoke very slowly the word “Lebanese.” Holmes then apologized for the faux pas.

The Northern Irish Holmes might have been having trouble understand Salma’s Mexican accent. However, some are questioning whether he actually misunderstood. Anyway, it seems the whole incident played out well with Salma handling the question like a pro and keeping her cool.

Salma was on the TV show to promote her joint efforts with UNICEF and Pampers to eradicate tetanus in mothers and babies in the next five years. She has been in Europe for the past month getting the word about this effort. Joining her on her trip is her one year old daughter Valentina.

In other Salma news, look for her to make a guest appearance on ‘30 Rock.’ Tina Fey asked Salma to do a guest role for 1 to 2 episodes. She will not be portraying herself but a fictional character. Salma joins an impressive list of guest stars to the NBC hit that include Jerry Seinfeld and Oprah Winfrey. She could be on the show as early as this week. It will be nice to see Salma on the small screen. Hopefully soon she will make an on screen return to ‘Ugly Betty.’

Silvio Horta Interview

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Looking to know what is in store for Betty and the rest of the characters on ‘Ugly Betty’ this year? You can gain some insight with this interview with Silvio Horta - the executive producer of the hit TV series.

In the interview with, Horta talks some about the direction he would like to see some characters take and how the strike cut short some story lines. It’s definitely a good read especially while you’re waiting for the second episode which airs tonight at 7pm central/8pm eastern.

Technical Difficulties

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Good News and bad news. Good news is that I did get ‘Ugly Betty’ taped. Bad news is that it has no sound on my VCR! Good news is that it will play on my parents’ VCR. Bad news is that I didn’t get to watch it last night.

So look for a recap sometime later this evening as I will watch the episode this afternoon as the earliest.

The Wait is Almost Over

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

In just a few hours, the two hour season premiere of ‘Ugly Betty’ will be here! It all starts at 7pm central.

From the TV Guide preview, we’ll hear Betty’s decision when it comes to Gio and Henry. Also, Ignacio gets a new job at a fast food restaurant. Daniel deals with the sweeping changes at Mode now that Wilhemina is in charge. Lindsay Lohan guest stars as Kimberly and Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa make a guess appearance as themselves. What a great premiere it’s going to be.

There is too much good television on Thursday nights. Of course we have ‘Betty’ but there is also , and The Office. The VCR will be working overtime tonight.

Eric Mabius at Toys R Us

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Apparently Eric and family are settling down into their new life as New Yorkers. It seems his wife and young son have made the move to NYC. Soon the family will have another one to add to the Mabius roster. While Eric and his wife, interior designer Ivy Sherman - still hammer out the name for their second child, Eric spent some time this past weekend at Toys R Us Disney preschool toy event.

Mabius read stories to the crowd that gathered to watch demonstrations of new Disney toys. Now that is one story time that I would have loved to attended. Sadly that would have been a heck of a drive but I’m thinking it might have been worth it.

Ugly Betty - The Book

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Ever wonder what the fictional magazine Mode would really look like? Ugly Betty the Book has the look and feel of Mode magazine but has more information about the TV show like cast bios and behind the scene layouts.

For us Betty fans, there’s no better companion to one of the best shows on television. The book not only features cast interviews but has several articles that might just appear in Mode magazine. Such articles like how to win friends at work and your style horoscope. You can also get make up tips from Hilda.

Ugly Betty The Book looks interesting enough and know that it covers a great subject. It just might be worth it.

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Real Life Betty

Monday, December 3rd, 2007


“I know what I look like, and so do my friends and family. And like all women out there should, I love my body. To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini — put it on and stay strong.” Jennifer in her personal blog

Congrats to America Ferrera and Ugly Betty for putting another trophy in that bulging Ugly Betty case. Ferrera won best actress at the 9th Annual Family Television Awards. The show also won for best comedy. High School Musical 2 cutie Zac Effron won for best actor and his Disney Channel original movie won for best drama. Now since Ugly Betty has won so many awards its time for me to give out one as well.

This award goes to Jennifer Love Hewitt for most Betty like behavior in real life. Just like Tyra Banks last year very unflattering pictures of Jennifer have surfaced while wearing a bikini. The pictures were taken while vacationing in Hawaii with her fiancé. What’s so damaging about these pictures nothing but a little cellulite! Is the image even that accurate? The angle is odd and it’s taken from the back and could possibly be Photoshopped.


Odd Couples

Friday, October 26th, 2007

 Vanessa WilliamsVince Vaughn

Best Friends: Becki Newton and Michael Urie as their characters Amanda and Marc on Ugly Betty get us laughing every Thursday night with snarky humor. Not only are their characters great friends on the show they also have a close friendship in real life. In fact they even live in the same apartment building! In the Journal Gazette they share how they first met, discuss their Ugly Betty auditions and much more!

Odd Couple: Rumors are circulating that Vanessa Williams and Vince Vaughn are dating. The Wedding Crashers star was most famously linked to Brad Pitt ex Jennifer Aniston. Maybe the rumors are only a result of buzz related to his new Christmas movie Fred Claus which is set to open November 9. Vanessa Williams for her part hasn’t had much to say about the rumors. Her ex husband (former NBA player) Rick Fox has recently made several guest appearances in Ugly Betty.

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Will the real Ugly Betty’s please stand up?

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Can the real life Betty’s handle the pressure?

How do you know you have a hit show on your hand? When it inspires a reality TV show on the same concept! VH1 the network well know for creating controversial reality TV shows is apparently developing a new show called America The Ugly. Inspired by Ugly Betty the show will follow several “plain Jane’s” who enter the oh so cruel but glamorous world of fashion and modeling. Although the Pilot has been filmed no additional episode have been ordered as of yet.

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