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Ugly Betty to return in May

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

314 The rumor has been that when ‘Ugly Betty’ goes on hiatus that it wouldn’t return until June. Apparently we may not have to wait that long for the rest of the season of ‘Ugly Betty.’

‘Ugly Betty’ possibly will return May 7th. Reports are that the season finale will run May 21st and it will be a two hour event. ‘Ugly Betty’ will go on hiatus and ABC will air ‘Samantha Who?’ and ‘In the Motherhood’ in the Thursday time slot.

This week’s episode - The Sex Issue - will be the last that we will see of Betty until May 7th. But judging from the title of the episode, it should be a good one to keep us talking for weeks.

I haven’t read that much about tomorrow’s episode but I gather that Betty is ready to take her relationship with Matt to the next level but Matt is hesitant for some reason.

Hopefully the sources about a May return for ‘Ugly Betty’ are true. That does make a lot more sense than a June season finale.

‘Ugly Betty’ Bill passes in California

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

onlocation2 California is fighting back to once again look appealing to filmmakers. The California Assembly passed a bill that’s being called the ‘Ugly Betty’ Bill that will give $500 million in incentives over the next five years It’s been dubbed the ‘Ugly Betty’ Bill because the ABC show moved production to New York to take advantage of several incentives from the state of New York.

California is in a pickle when it comes to finances and has held off passing such a bill. But the state has finally decided that they should do this to compete. California used to be the place to go but now so many states and even Canada offering incentives for filmmakers.

‘Ugly Betty’ belongs in New York and having New York as their backdrop for many scenes has really added to the show. I can’t imagine that ABC would move the show again. But we are talking about show business, so I guess anything can happen.

Ugly Betty Spoilers

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

bettyfatherpreview Michael Ausiello in another edition of Ask Ausiello answers a question from an ‘Ugly Betty’ viewer about giving us a scoop of something that is coming.

Ausiello gives a nice teaser. In one sentence he mentions a wedding, a new boss for betty, and a death. Wow. That’s some news alright. There is rumors and speculation that the death will be that of Molly. If that does happen, the Daniel may take a break from his job and then ‘Betty’ will have a new boss but whom? It’s suppose to be a surprise, so Willie wouldn’t be really that shocking. It would be awesome if Alexis made a return to Mode to take her brother’s place.

Just a few spoilers to give us something to think about between new episodes. Maybe all of this will come to pass before the hiatus that begins in March.

Happy Birthday Judith Light

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009


We offer a belated Happy Birthday to Judith Light. She was celebrating her birthday Monday, February 9th. Judith celebrated her 60th birthday - just like her character Clarie Meade will this Thursday night. Coincidence? I think not. But really cool that the show wrote in her birthday in the story line. Judith is a wonderful actor and she brings a lot to ‘Ugly Betty.’

Ana Ortiz Expecting

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

anaortiz Ana Ortiz - who plays Betty’s sister - is expecting her first child. The 37-year-old actress and her husband Noah Lebenzon of the band Half Life will welcome the new family addition in July.

Ana admitted back in the fall that the ‘Betty’ baby boom was really helping to turn up the desire to become a mother. Eric Mabius’ wife recently gave birth to their second child and Rebecca Romijn has given birth to twin baby girls. Rebecca has been quoted as saying that she is happy for Ana and says that if she has a girl, then she is about to get plenty of hand-me-downs.

Plans are to hide the baby bump while shooting and not to try to write it into a storyline. Congratulations to Ana! Motherhood rocks.

Val Emmich Benefit Concert

Friday, January 30th, 2009

val Val Emmich, who plays Betty’s neighbor and love interest Jessie - will take part in a concert benefiting orphans. He will perform tonight at the Canal Room in New York to benefit Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

Emmich will also be in the February 5th episode of ‘Ugly Betty’ and will be singing one of his original songs. The 29-year-old singer/songwriter has released six albums including his latest titled Little Daggers. Emmich has also appeared on 30 Rock and and Lipstick Jungle. But with rumors of yet another love interest for Betty, this could be the last appearance of Jessie.

The doors of the Canal Room open at 7:30pm. Tickets are $15 for the concert. You can order tickets at or buy them at the door.

WWO currently serves children in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Serbia and Vietnam. The organization offers medical services and education to orphaned children.

‘Ugly Betty’ bumped for ‘Samantha Who?’

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

bettyABC has bumped ‘Ugly Betty’ from it’s 7/8pm Thursday time slot to showcase ‘Samantha Who’ starring Christina Applegate and ‘In the Motherhood’ - a new show starring Megan Mulley and Cheryl Hines.

News reports are that ‘Ugly Betty’ will leave the air waves March 26th and will not return until June. It will finish its season - there just won’t be repeats.

ABC officials say that the Thursday time slot is the perfect spot to launch these two comedies. Hasn’t ‘Samantha Who?’ already been launched? Anyway, they go on to say the ‘Betty’ isn’t canceled and they are pleased with its performance.

ABC is becoming incredibly annoying with their programming schedules. The last season of ‘Alias’ began in January and just last week we saw the premiere of Lost. It’s never good when a network takes a program completely off the air even it is only for a few months. Hopefully the ‘Betty’ audience will be tuning in this summer to the rest of the season.

Personally I believe this news not to be good. When a show leaves the air, there will be people who will wonder what happened to it and forget about it.

As for as the show goes, ‘Ugly Betty’ is one of my favorites but I loved the first season more than the rest. While the writing and the cast seem to mesh better in later seasons, there was just something about the first season the made it special. It’s that way for a lot of shows. It’s also hard to grow characters on ‘Betty’ because they then become boring. The thing that makes ‘Betty’ work is the fish out of water but when that fish learns how to breathe air and is no longer flopping around, it becomes just another TV show. Without the shallow characters and snotty attitude, ‘Betty’ becomes a show that is hard to distinguish from the pact.

It’s a catch-22 because fans want to see character growth but for many they just want the show that they first tuned in to watch.

So, what do you think? Will there be another season of ‘Ugly Betty’ and should there be?

Golden Globe Nominees

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

The Golden Globe nominees were announced this morning. Congrats to America Ferrera for her nomination for best Actress in a TV series, musical or comedy.

Here is a complete list of nominations.

The 66th annual Golden Globes will be presented January. 11, 2009 and NBC will televise the event.

Ugly Rumors

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Yesterday I heard some rumors about Lindsay Lohan and America Ferrera. Lohan’s guest appearances on ‘Ugly Betty’ have been slashed from 6 to 4. The reasoning? Well, if you’re to believe what it being said, it’s because the two actors have been feuding.

It’s a little more than that as there are reports that Lohan is always late to the set, brings a huge entourage with her, and even trashed her dressing room. I saw this news on ‘Inside Edition’ but apparently it’s been in the New York Post’s gossip section as well.

What’s been leaked as problems between the two seems to be about power. Lohan is being accused of trying to be the star while Ferrera is acting childlish like pulling down Lohan’s pants during a scene rehearsal. The scene takes place in the episode.

All of these rumors are just that -rumors. I think they were leaked or made up to draw interest in Lohan’s guest appearance on ‘Betty.’ Apparently the ratings that guest star Lohan aren’t as great as ABC had hoped.

On a personal note, I think the side plot with Kimmie Keegan just isn’t as interesting as the already established stories. There are too many plots already in the works with the show to really focus on this one.

Aye, Chihuahua

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Beverly Hills Chihuahua tops the box office charts for a second week in a row. Even Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio couldn’t dethrone this movie about a spoiled Beverly Hills chihuahua that must fend for herself on the streets of Mexico.

I haven’t seen this one yet, but Michael Urie who plays Marc on “Ugly Betty’ has a role in the movie. Michael lends his voice to the character of Sebastian. I’ve heard that this movie is actually pretty good. In fact I was a little surprised to see it number one in sales for the second week in a row. This might be a cute one to check out during a matinee.

Val Emmich Chat

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Sorry I’m posting this with such short notice but if you want to get to know the new guy in Betty’s life, or at least the actor, then join Val Emmich for a chat this evening. The link to the chat in on Val’s My Space page. The chat begins at 8Pm EST and goes until 9pm.

Cast seems to be adjusting to New York

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

The pilot of ‘Ugly Betty’ was shot in New York City and producers had wanted to shoot the show there. It was just cheaper to shoot it on a back lot in Los Angeles. But since then it has become cheaper to film in New York thanks to a new tax rebate.

The actors are adjusting to paparazzi as well as a lot of attention from bystanders while filming on location. This season we can expect to see more of our favorite characters out of the office - giving us a glimpse into their lives outside of Mode.

Ratings for the second season of ‘Betty’ dropped following its great first season numbers. Producers are hoping the location change will add authenticity of the show and will make it more enthralling to watch. We can expect to see a lot of New York as the backdrop in season three.

So no more green screens and special effects to create the illusion of New York City as now all filming is done in the Big Apple.

Only one more day until the season premiere! Some big changes coming this season as Betty gets a new love interest and Wilhemina makes sweeping changes at Mode. Producers promise a lot will happen very fast, so these first few episodes should be action-packed.

All the TV shows I like are on Thursday nights. I may have to tape ‘Ugly Betty’ and watch later. It will be a late night because I can’t wait to see the premiere. A recap of the show will probably not be ready until Friday but it really depends how late I have to stay up to watch. It will then depend upon how coherent I am at that time.

Vanessa Williams loses Emmy

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Vanessa Williams - the saucy Wilhemina Slater on ‘Ugly Betty’ - was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a comedy series. But she lost out to Jean Smart of ‘Samantha Who?’ It’s still an honor to be nominated for an Emmy and to lose out to such a fine actress on another ABC show is telling of just how strong their prime time lineup is.

Vanessa wore a stunning Kevan Hall printed dress. It’s easy to see how she became Miss America. She may not have won the Emmy but she wins over ‘Betty’ fans each episode. Vanessa brings such spunk and life to her character that is just fun to watch the bad girl even though you know it will probably wind up hurting either Daniel, Betty, or both.

It seems few of us were tuning into the Emmy’s this year as they apparently had their lowest ratings ever. With the Internet and having access to information so easily or watching shows on demand, it’s not surprising that less people are watching it on television. Maybe with broadcasting in high definition these award shows can get a face lift and bring more information to the viewers in a friendlier format.

Lohan reprises her role in season three

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Season three will kick off in just a few short days. How exciting is that? ‘Ugly Betty’ is now being filmed in New York rather than Los Angeles to take advantage of incentives. Lindsay Lohan will also be reprising her role as Kimberly - a girl who was mean to Betty in high school. The paparazzi has been very interested in the taping of “Betty” when Lohan has been on set. The cast thinks all the attention will die down when Lohan is finished with her episodes.

Lohan will be in the season opener entitled “The Manhattan Project.” It will also be two hours. Hopefully we’ll get some answers from season two’s cliffhanger like who will Betty choose and what is Hilda thinking getting involved with a married man? Plus what happens to Daniel now that he is no longer editor? We should get a lot of answers in two hours.

Lohan’s character will appear in six episodes and will be working at Mode. ‘Betty’ star Vanessa Williams has been praising Lohan’s performance in her small screen role and experienced first hand the long hours that go into shooting a weekly one hour show.

No word on yet if Lohan might return later in the season. I guess it really depends upon how the first six episodes play out. Lindsey is a fun actress to watch, so she should provide some fun moments in the first few episodes of “Betty.”

Soon enough Thursday night 7pm will be here. It can’t arrive soon enough for us Betty fans wanting to know the answers to season two’s finale episode.

Eric Picks a Candidate

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Eric Mabius has joined in with the likes of America Ferrera, Ana Ortiz and Tony Plana to take a stand in the current presidential race. While Ana and Tony have been taken part in nonpartisan group to encourage minority voting America has been campaigning heavily for Hillary Clinton.

Eric on the other hand is featured in the music video We Are The Ones by Black Eyed Peas front man in support of Barack Obama. Some of the other celebrities featured include: George Lopez, Jessica Alba, Regina King, Macy Gray, Kerry Washington, John Leguizamo, Tichina Arnold and Ryan Phillippe.

Vanessa Williams in a recent interview stated support for both Democratic candidates but didn’t seem interested in making a public statement of support for either. I wonder what side the rest of the Ugly Betty cast will take?

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