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Episode 3.5 ‘Granny Pants’

by Lynn Little

Here we are in week five of the new season and finally I have my ‘Ugly Betty’ woes worked out. As you may remember, I tape the shows and watch ‘Survivior.’ The past few weeks have been rocky with trying to videotape at my parent’s house and not being able to watch the show later at my house. Finally I’m able to pick up ABC and record the show at my home.

Now about the show. It was interesting. A little predictable but still have a few good moments that made it worthwhile. More details after the jump.

The episode begins on a photo shoot for the centerfold for the next Mode magazine. It’s Daniels’ vision for the February issue and he calls it ‘Love hurts’ with bikers. Wilhemina shows up with her vision for the February issue with puppies. It’s actually pretty funny because she wears a dalmatian-like coat. Cruella, indeed. Chaos ensues with nothing being accomplished and Betty telling Daniel that she is doing work twice - one way Daniels and then the other Wilhemina’s way - and very little is getting accomplished. This co-editorship is really counterproductive.

Kimmie shows up at Betty’s desk asking for help to find a job. Betty is reluctant but Daniel winds up hiring her as an assistant since Betty needs help. Betty complains to Christina. We are then treated to a flashback of high school where Betty tries to make friends with Kimmie only to have Kimmie pull a prank on Betty. Kimmie asks Betty to get her a water and when Betty does, Kimmie pulls down her skirt, showing everyone in the cafeteria Betty’s frumpy underwear. This earns her the nickname Granny Pants. Christina then tells Betty that Kimmie is now on her playing field and now Betty is in charge.

Later in the office, Kimmie is gathering up receipts when Wilhemina returns to her office. Kimmie tells Betty that she still needs hers and starts off to get them. Betty almost stops her as Betty knows it’s not the time to approach Willie but lets Kimmie go. Willie blows her off and Marc does his best bullying job at Kimmie. Betty looks pleased with herself.

Later in a staff meeting, Kimmie is obviously nervous and fumbling around. Everyone is laughing but Betty is not happy about it. She takes up for Kimmie and tells everyone that it’s not easy to come into Mode without being nervous. From this point forward Betty begins to teach Kimmie how to be a good assistant.

Kimmie asks Betty to go clubbing with her as she had gotten comps to a lot of clubs. Amanda and Marc see the rising Kimmie star and get themselves inviting to go clubbing as well. Kimmie has a transformation from her plain clothes thanks to the Mode closet and Amanda. They arrive at a club and Kimmie must chose two to go in with her. This leaves Betty outside while she waits for 45 minutes. Kimmie returns and wants them to go to more clubs as Kimmie wants to ditch Marc and Amanda. Betty is apprehensive since it is getting late but Kimmie reminds her that Daniel will be out until noon, so if they come in late it’s no big deal. They go out and have a good time. Next Betty wakes up at 10am to the alarm going off and Daniel calling her.

Daniel is worried since she hasn’t shown up yet. He tells her not to worry, though, that Kimmie is here. Betty races to get dressed and to work. Betty feels like Kimmie is trying to move into her job but Kimmie says that she decided to come into work early to give Betty a break. Kimmie tells her she sent her a text about 6am to tell her this. Betty hasn’t received any text. Kimmie is still nice to Betty but she is waiting for her to do something. They are in the cafeteria when the same high school scene in set up. Kimmie asks Betty to get her a water. Betty decides to strike before Kimmie and pulls down her skirt. Kimmie is mortified as it seems all the Mode employees are stunned. Amanda and Marc quickly come to Kimmie’s side to help her. Betty tries to explain the situation but it is of no use. Later at her desk she receives the text message that Kimmie had sent hours earlier.

Kimmie’s club hopping gets her a mention on page six of the Post, which delights Daniel. He then promotes her to assistant editor(he tells Betty it’s just a title and nothing else) so that she can generate even more publicity for Mode.

In other plots, Justin tries out for the Broadway musical ‘Billy Elliot.’ A classmate is also trying out who at first gives him a hard time. In the end someone else gets the part and the ‘bully’ tells Justin that they should hang out sometime and puts out his fist for Justin to hit with his fist. Justin doesn’t know what to do so sort of high fives the fist.

Daniel has decided to start dating again and is looking for a relationship. Having D.J. in his life has made him realize just how much he wants a family. Betty works on his application. It isn’t long before Daniel has a blind date. He meets this woman on a cruise sponsored by the dating service. As he approaches her and introduces himself, she turns around to reveal that it’s Wilhemina. They are eating together and talking. Daniel tries to set off the fire alarm so that the boat will turn around. Willie helps him and the two actually work together for the first time. Could this be the beginning of an amicable relationship? That would be too boring especially with Alexis gone. There has to be conflict.

Fun episode but ready to see Kimmie gone. She is definitely turning into a Mode girl. Betty needs to send her packing and have the last laugh.

2 Responses to “Episode 3.5 ‘Granny Pants’”

  1. chez crisden Says:

    it would be great to see whilhelmina and daniel ACTUALLY work together, instead of her plotting and scheming all the time.
    and daniel having to get revenge.

    they seemed to actually enjoy oneanothers’ company on the blinde date on the boat.

    daniel and whilhelmina are getting to know one another. They might have their disagreements on the show about what to shoot, that shouldnot go away, but, it
    would be nice for them to truly get along.

  2. Simple Meditation Says:

    Excellent content and style…keep up the good work!

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