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Epsiode 3.2 - Crimes of Fashion Recap

by Lynn Little

We are only on the third episode of the season and already it’s getting really good. I have to admit that I didn’t expect much out of this one since it seemed to center around one plot and basically thought it might be mostly ‘filler’ to get us to the next Mode crisis. Well I’m sorry that I ever doubted that this episode wouldn’t deliver on great, quality entertainment with a few twists thrown in for good measure.

The episode begins with Betty being questioned by the police as to the whereabouts of Daniel Meade the night before. Mark Consuelos guest stars as the lead detective in the attempted murder of Christina. Betty is hesitant to answer where he was as Daniel had asked her to say that he was working late. Betty finally tells the cops what Daniel told her to say. She feels guilty and when she goes to tell Daniel what she has done, the detective walks into Daniel’s office and asks him about a pair of shoes. Daniel tells him they were custom made especially for him and they are size 11. Apparently the shoe matches a shoe print found at the crime scene and Daniel is then arrested. Now Betty sets out to prove Daniel innocent by quizzing other possible suspects. I mean, who doesn’t have it out for Wilhemina, right?

It seems everyone clears Betty’s interrogations with their own recount of the evening’s events. Circumstances are making Daniel look even more guilty when Betty finds the lost surveillance tape from that night in Daniel’s office. He also asks her to have his dirty overcoat clean. The staircase is very dusty from construction as Betty, Marc, and Amanda learn when they attempt to reenact the incident. Now Betty is doubting whether Daniel is in fact innocent at all.

She goes home to watch the tape and learns the real reason behind him hiding it. Daniel is getting it on with a lady friend on the copy machine. When she confronts Daniel, he explains that she is the State Department liaison who is helping him get full custody of Daniel, Jr. Betty also learns that Alexis had borrowed the coat. Betty then confronts Alexis, believing she is the one who pushed Christina.

Alexis confesses to it but says that she was so mad at Wilhemina that she saw her face instead of Christina’s. Alexis had borrowed the overcoat and had worn the shoes after her heels broke. Alexis didn’t mean to frame Daniel and turns herself in. Both Daniel and Claire look in shock. Claire walks Alexis to the cops when Alexis tells Clarie that she accidentally opened Daniel’s mail about the paternity of Daniel. Jr. It seems Daniel is not his father but Alexis is.

In other happenings, Ignacio learns that Tony is married. He walks in on Tony showering at Betty’s apartment. Tony and Hilda are there for some quiet time to talk about their future and Ignacio has come to install new locks on Betty’s door. Tony grabs his clothes when he wedding ring rolls onto the floor. Ignacio is so mad that he even begins to talk in Spanish to Hilda. Ignacio then tells Betty and she reveals that she already knows. They do have a heart-to-heart that Hilda isn’t a bad person, just like Daniel isn’t(this is when Betty thought he might be guilty). Some times people make bad choices.

On the Stuart front, he is cleared as a suspect when he tells Betty his shoe size. He then says he would never hurt Christina. Then Betty asks him about the drugs, which he replies it’s for the pain. The experimental treatment that Christina paid for isn’t working and he is dying. Betty tells him the he needs to tell Christina.

Wilhemina uses Christina’s hospital stay as a media circus frenzy as Willie stays by her side, sort of as a protective mother of her unborn and of Christina. It’s all a rouse until Christina tells Wilhemina at Stuart. Then we see a softer, caring side of Willie as she shuts the curtains to block the paparazzi from gazing in on them.

A very good episode and leaving me ready for next week to get here already.

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