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Guest Star Frenzy

by Dorothy


For Season 2 Ugly Betty seems to be making some rather interesting choices for guest stars. First theirs Victoria Beckham whose best know for being married to Soccer star David Beckham and for being a singer in the I-wish-they-would-stay-retired girl group the Spice Girls. Now Vanessa Williams is set to reunite with her ex-husband Rick Fox on the show, where he will be playing her love interest and her body guard of all things. Is anyone else getting a flash back to Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner courtesy The Bodyguard film? Fox a retired NBA player for the Los Angeles Lakers is booked for at least 2 episodes.

The real question is can Posh and Rick Fox act? Posh’s role is reported to be a cameo which shouldn’t be too much of a stretch but Fox’s role will definitely require more acting chops. Here’s hoping both of them are up to the challenge and don’t leave the fans disappointed. If nothing else I can’t wait to see why Wilhelmina needs a bodyguard. I’m guessing Claire Meade wants her husband back! On the fashion front Ugly Betty is making some very wise choices with none other than fashion icon Kenneth Cole set to guest star.

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