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Mode After Hours

by Lynn Little

amanda314quotesAre you having Ugly Betty withdraws yet? Well there are the webisodes Mode After Hours to keep us entertained.

I caught the latest one by sheer luck as my browser loaded the ABC homepage and the webisode auto played.

I’ve never been a fan of webisodes mainly because they aren’t central to the overall plots so I always thought they might be sort of lame. Turns out I was wrong. Well at least about them being lame. The latest one is called Big Package as a big package arrives for Wilhemina. The webisode features Marc and Amanda.

The package arrives after Connor has left, so Marc knows the present will just upset Wilhemina. This is when Amanda reveals what she does with some packages that arrive in the mail - she keeps them at her desk for a pick me up when she’s down. They naturally open the package to Willie and a few others including one that Amanda stashed that was Marc’s from Cliff - his former boyfriend. You know that’s one thing I’ve missed on recent episodes of Betty and that’s Marc and Amanda being Marc and Amanda. Sure they’ve had scenes but it’s nice to see an extended one. It has me really looking forward to watching the rest of the Mode After Hours.

So for those Betty fans who haven’t seen any Mode After Hours, they are definitely worth checking out and may help to pass the time until the new episodes are airing again. From what I’ve seen, Betty fans should really enjoy the webisodes and the extra screen time for some of the most beloved Mode employees.

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