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One Guest Star to Another

by Dorothy

Penelope Cruz comes to the set

Looks like Lindsay won’t get to go Ugly. Reportedly her PR firm nixed the deal. Apparently they didn’t think it would be good for her career. On Ugly Betty Lindsey would have been portraying a fast food worker that Betty befriends. In real life Lindsay has been involved in drug scandals and several car wrecks and let’s not forget the multiple rehabs.

An appearance on a top rated TV show which would involve her actually doing some acting is a bad career move? Her last few movies have all been blunders a guest starring role on a TV show that is already a hit would have boosted her profile and allow some of her previous fans to take her seriously again. Looks like Lindsay needs some new representation because she couldn’t have wished for a better chance at redemption than guest starring on Ugly Betty. The show has the Midas touch!

But Ugly Betty has already rebounded with a much bigger guest star. Salma Hayek’s best gal pal Penelope Cruz is is coming to the show! Salma has been looking for a role for her friend for a while and apparently they have finally found the right one. The Academy Award nominated Cruz has starred with Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky and the oh-so-sexy Matthew Broderick in Sahara. Penelope’s versatility should fit right into the crazy world of Ugly Betty.

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