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Sugar Daddy Recap

by Lynn Little

sugardaddy This week’s ‘Ugly Betty’ dealt with the aftermath of Connor’s theft from Meade publications as well as Betty’s own monetary woes as her family is being evicted from their home. The episode really shows Daniel’s depth as both a businessman and a boyfriend. We also learn more about Matt.

The episode begins with Betty wearing mostly black to work since Mode is in financial difficulty since Connor stole all of the company’s money. Ignacio is watching a local cooking show called ‘Kitchen Rumble’ starring host Frankie Baratta(sp? in my notes I have his last name spelled at least three different ways.) and says he can take this guy on. Matt calls Betty about a gift bag he sent over. She hasn’t received it yet so he’s happy since they will be on the phone when she gets it. Such a little romantic he is. Wilhemina and Marc are talking and it’s obvious Willie isn’t happy. I mean can you blame her? She gives Marc a list of things to buy for baby William. Amanda gets a call from her mom and is very rude to her. She can’t get over her parents hid the fact she was adopted from her.

Daniel, Claire, Willie talk about the state of Meade Publications. The insurance won’t cover such a loss. Claire suggests a Federal bailout. It just so happens the Feds are in NY to discuss a print bailout. (It’s a very Law and Order ripped from the headlines plot for sure!)

Matt walks Betty home and meets Hilda(cute moment!). Matt thanks Betty for dinner. Betty tells Hilda that sometimes Matt forgets his wallet and she pays for their date. Hilda thinks less of Matt now even though he seemed to make a good first impression.

Justin brings in the mail. There is an eviction notice for the Suarez family. The landlord says he hates to do this but needs the money. He is selling the house to his nephew but if the family can meet his nephew’s offer, then he will sell to them. Now the family has to come up with the down payment.

Wilhemina and Daniel leave to meet with the Feds. They take the bus to look needy. Willie tries to pay for the bus ride with a credit card while Daniel asks if they can break a $50. (it’s pretty hilarious)

Marc and Amanda are returning from shopping for baby William when they meet a hot, gay father on the street. Marc totally flirts with him and tells him that they are shopping for his son. He winds up setting up a playdate with the hot father.

The Suarez family sets out to earn some money for the down payment. Hilda tries to charge more for her hair services. Justin is the only one who has success with his street performance. He raised $250.

Daniel speaks in front of the Fed and talks about how the fashion magazine employs all types of New Yorkers - engineers, vendors, etc. He convinces them enough to make round two to talk about money.

Ignacio tells his family he has a plan to make the money. He is going to be on Kitchen Rumble and will hopefully defeat Frankie to win $10,000.

Frankie shows up at the house as the crew is getting ready for the show. At first it looks like an old west standoff but quickly dissolves into a friendly meeting for the two competitors. Ignacio tells Frankie why he wants to win and Frankie seems to respond favorably to it.

Daniel and Willie are at dinner and talking about the day. Wilhemina can tell that something is on Daniel’s mind. He finally tells her about Molly being sick. To which Willie has a great line, “well now you’ve made me feel awkward.” She had to push Daniel into confiding to her.

The cookoff continues as both men make a Mole Pablano recipe. With 10 minutes left, Igncaio’s back goes out and it’s up to Betty to finish the recipe. The judges taste both dishes and declare Frankie the winner. Ignacio feels robbed.

Daniels tells Betty he wished he could help and might can depending on what happens with the Feds.

$75 million is the amount Daniel asks for when the head Fed shows a picture from the NY Post that shows Willie and Daniel eating at a restaurant looking like they are having a good time drinking a bottle of wine that cost $400. Their bailout is denied.

Marc comes to get William from Christina who is watching the baby since the nanny canceled for the week. Marc and Amanda head out to meet the hunky gay father when he shows up sans kid. Seems his baby girl is sick. Marc then ditches William off on Amanda and heads off by himself with the hot father. Amanda watches William for a little while and then takes him back to Christina. Christina talks about loving William and how she has to remember she is not his mom even though she feels connected to him. She mentions how moms are the one that raise the child and not necessarily the one who gives birth. It seems to hit home with Amanda that maybe she has been too harsh on her parents.

Hilda finds a $10,000 check in the mail addressed to Ignacio. Betty thinks it’s from Daniel but he says he wished it was but it is not from him. At supper, Matt pays the bill and then leaves the table. Betty checks his signature to the check and notices it’s the same. She confronts him and he admits he gave her the money. Matt tells Betty that his family is rich and they are always throwing money at charity. Betty says they are not his charity and gives him the check.

Daniel comes to a decision on how to save Meade. He will liquidate his belongings to come up with the cash. Willie says that she will also contribute what she can.

Ignacio announces he has a job and has come up with the money. Frankie has hired Ignacio to work in his restaurant and has sold his Mole Pablano recipe to him for $10,000.

Daniel goes after Molly and tells her he can”t let her do this alone and he needs her. They kiss.(very sweet moment)

Marc returns from his date that didn’t go so great. Amanda tells him the she misses her parents and that she was so mad the forgot they were her parents.

Matt apologizes to Betty and says he was not trying to buy her. He then says that he is kinda really into her. They then kiss(a lot of kissing at the end of the episode)

The show ends with Betty making popcorn as the Suarez family settles down to watch ‘Kitchen Battle.’

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