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The Mother of a Problem Recap


motherproblem2 Betty meets Matt’s mom, Hilda’s family sets her up with Councilman Archie, Wilhemina sells some of her favorite things, and Daniel comes to accept an important decision from Molly. A lot happened and as far as episodes, it was OK. Not the best but pretty good. More after the jump.

The episode begins at the Suarez house where breakfast is being served. Matt comes over for breakfast and Hilda’s first hair appointment arrives. It’s the dashing councilman Archie. The family is obviously trying to set Hilda up as they insist Archie join them.

Wilhemina is apparently selling some of her stuff to liquidate her assets to pay for her share when it comes to Meade. In the afternoon she usually has champagne and caviar but now she has almonds and sparkly water.

Betty meets Matt at his mom’s place since he is staying there for a short time. Matt says that his mom is out of town. Betty shows up to meet Matt and meets his mom Victoria Hartley. Victoria asks Betty to take up her bags - obviously thinking she is hired help. Obviously this isn’t a good sign as to what Matt’s mom will think of his new girlfriend.

(I liked this episode but after seeing this very stereotypical scene, I was a little turned off. This show is better than this, isn’t it?)

Matt had led Betty to believe that his mom was looking forward to meeting her, so Betty asks him why he did that. He says that his mom is judgmental and controlling. He didn’t want Betty to be exposed to her. Betty is usually like by moms and wants a chance to really meet Victoria again. Matt invites Betty to one of his mom’s dinner parties.

Betty asks Claire if she knows Victoria and Claire gives her some advice. She tells her that at these dinner parties there is always a topic of discussion. Claire calls Victoria’s house and asks to speak to Consuela(there’s always a Consuela) and then Betty asks her what the topic will be. She tells her it’s torture. Betty is thrilled since she has recently read an enlightening article on the topic.

At the dinner party, things don’t go well for Betty as she loses an hor derve and it lands on an expensive painting. Matt takes the fall for that. Then at dinner, Victoria changes the topic to the future of opera. Matt texts Betty with a prompt to help her talk about the subject. Betty does wonderful even though it was touch and go for a few minutes.

Matt confronts his mom and tells her that he is dating Betty even if she doesn’t approve. She doesn’t but seems to take it well.

Willie does put up her items for sale after a heartfelt goodbye to her belongings. Willie comes to the conclusion that life is too short to skimp on everything. This is in part to Molly’s decision not to seek experimental treatment for her cancer. Willie goes back to her champagne and caviar snack and proclaims, “as God as my witness, I will never go without champagne and caviar again.”

After being invited for dinner, Archie makes a breakthrough with Hilda and she agrees to go on an official date with him.

All in all it was an OK episode and not one I was really impressed with. It just left me feeling like Matt’s mom fell flat to me especially since they had a great actress playing her(Christine Baranski). Maybe we haven’t seen the last of her and her next appearance will really be up to acting ability.

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