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There’s no place like Mode recap

by Lynn Little

bettysuarezThis week’s episode of ‘Ugly Betty’ has the staff busy with Fashion Week and Betty with a new YETI assignment. Wilhemina works to get back on top in the fashion world as Daniel gives Molly as makeover. Also Christina goes into labor.

Betty is in one of YETI meetings and talking to a new friend from the New York Review. The girl’s boss is speaking to the crowd about a hard hitting story the NY Review covered in their magazine. Betty is enamored and chats up her friend. After the meeting, Betty heads to talk to the speaker when she is intercepted by Matt -who makes some small talk with her. Betty finally gets to talk to the inspiring woman when she basically tells Betty that she needs to do something else besides fashion and get more experience.

Jody (Bernadette Peters) tells the YETI participants to pair up with a partner to shadow for the next week. Betty and the NY Review girl pair up. Everyone takes their seat when Jody then tells them to look on the other side of them and that will be their partner. Betty is teamed up with Matt - a sports writer who reveals he was hoping to be paired up with her.

Back at Mode, Marc and Wilhemina are looking through the dresses for one for Willie to wear to Fashion Week. She is looking for a specific designer when Marc tells her they didn’t send over a dress. Marc mentions Willie may have fallen off the fashion radar now the she is spending more time with Connor. Willie looks a little shocked but vows to get back on the radar and show everyone in fashion that she is still relevant.

Daniel gives Betty a list of instructions for Fashion Week when Betty asks if there are any non-fashion assignments to which Daniel replies that it’s Fashion week at a fashion magazine. So that would be a no. Daniel does give Betty an assignment to write a press release about one of the designers - Heinrich. Molly shows up and is ready for Fashion Week.

Hilda is at home ready to celebrate Elena’s leaving. Ignacio no longer needs a nurse but Hilda then learns that Elena really isn’t going anywhere she her and Ignacio are still dating. Poor Hilda. She looked so disappointed.

Betty is on the phone and Matt is shadowing her. She is gathering information on Heinrich and setting up an interview with him.

Amanda reads the reviews of Fashion Week to Daniel who is interested in what was said about him. (It’s kind of funny to see Daniel make a fuss over his cuffs) All the reviews are tame until Amanda reads on that mentions Molly being a fashion growth on his arm. Ouch!

Betty and Matt go to Heinrich’s studio to interview him. On meeting this eccentric designer, he tells Betty that they will make love one day but not today. Too funny. His studio is dark and all the outfits are on dummies. He uses wings a lot and glass. Betty says that none of the models will sign the waivers to wear the dress so that’s why they are on the dummies! Betty is really wondering just what she can say about this unique collection.

Betty is talking to Christina about the press release. Since Matt isn’t really helping, Betty sends him to her desk. Christina and Betty write fake press release for fun that mentions getting a tetanus shot before watching and other sharp-witted sentences. Later that night, Betty gets Justin to write her a real press release.

At breakfast, Ignacio and Elena join the family downstairs to which Justin says he will get Elena a better robe since Ignacio’s is not flattering. Betty hears Suzuki St. Pierre reading her fake press release on television and then realizes that the wrong press release was sent.

She goes into work expecting the worse from Daniel. Matt admits that he gave the press release to Daniel who was looking for it. Daniel comes into work and is upset but not over the press release. He is upset over his decision of which cuffs to wear. In fact he tells Betty the press release was a huge success and Heinrich loved it. In fact Heinrich wants her to produce his show. Betty is skeptical as she is unsure what to do.

Marc is on the phone about Willie’s regular seat at the Proenza Schouler show. Turns out she is on the second row and despite his best effort, Marc can’t get her usual spot. Willie decides that she can’t show up and sit on the second row.

Daniel arranges for Molly to have a makeover - Mode style - saying she has never taken advantage of dating the editor of a Fashion magazine. When the stylists are done, Molly looks amazing.

Betty and Heinrich meet to talk about the show Heinrich says he wants a rainbow of gray, escape but no escape. He also tells her to listen to the clothes. Overall it isn’t much help as Daniel had said that the designers usually tell you just what they want.

Molly and Daniel arrive at the Proenza Schouler show when Suzuki St. Pierre notices Molly. He says look who has went from drab to fab and calls out to her by saying ‘Ugly Duckling.’ Molly then finds Daniel and says she has to leave to take care of busted pipes in her apartment.

The Heinrich show is becoming a center point of Fashion Week. Amanda - who had never heard of Heinrich earlier in the week - now wants into his show after reading the rave reviews about it. Daniel tells Betty that the Heinrich show will now close Fashion Week. Betty questions if she is the right person to produce the show.

Matt suggests they take a break from Heinrich and Fashion Week by going to his sports magazine. Betty finally agrees. Matt is having second thoughts because of an assignment he needs to cover but Betty insists. Betty and Matt wind up in the locker room of the Detroit Pistons. Matt tells Betty that he didn’t think sports writing was for him but admits once he got to know some of the athletes and their struggles, he changed his mind. It isn’t such a shallow business and maybe the same type of approach could work for Betty and fashion.

Willie gives Suzuki an exclusive interview where she is said to let loose on her thoughts about the fashion world. Her story is bumped for doggie fashion jeans. Connor senses that something is wrong with Willie so she tells him how she is being pushed aside since she has started to have a personal life. Connor tells her that she can have it all and that they can fight it together.

Betty and Heinrich talk about the show and Betty tells him that she has done some research. She knows he grew up behind the Berlin Wall and that his dad died trying to cross. Betty gets that his art is about his pain that he experienced. Heinrich is impressed and tells Betty that they still will make love. Too funny.

Betty talks to Daniel about Molly leaving Fashion Week so abruptly. Betty pries and finds out Daniel gave her that makeover to which Betty says that is the reason she left.

Hilda arrives at the Heinrich show(Betty had two tickets). Elena then arrives as Justin had given Elena his ticket so that Hilda and Elena would have to talk.

Daniel calls Molly and apologizes. Molly isn’t really mad as we can see from the scene since she is at the doctor’s office. Daniel says that he loves her and she says she loves him. Daniel then asks about her apartment to which she says that it’s worse than they thought- most likely foreshadowing the news Molly received from the doctor’s office.

At the Heinrich show everything is going well. The backdrop is the Berlin Wall that is blocking the back exits. All the models have wings and the show seems to be going well. Betty tells Christina that she finally gets fashion as a form of art and is not as shallow as she has always thought.

Hilda and Elena leave the show and get a drink. They begin to talk and realize they have a lot in common. Hilda and Elena set some ground rules when it comes to Ignacio and public displays of affection. They seem to have patched up their differences.

Christina and Betty are backstage when Christina tells her she is in labor and has been all day - just waiting for the contractions to get closer. Now they are so Betty leads Christina the only way out of the area and that’s on the cat walk. They head out when Christina lies done on the cat walk proclaiming that she is going to have the baby here.

Willie says this is her opportunity to claw her way back to the top. She calls the models to form a circle around Christina to give her some privacy. The ambulance probably won’t make it on time and Willie asks if anyone is qualified to deliver a baby. Hilda chimes in that her father’s girlfriend is a nurse. Elena heads to the stage to help deliver the baby.

Christina’s yells are replaced with a baby cry that turns the crowd too “oohing” and “aahhhing.” Even a Suzuki St. Pierre says I’m not going to cry. Marc begins to direct the show by having the hydraulic lift lifted and smoke machines full blast. Willie holds up the new baby above the models in what has to be one of the grandest birth production ever.

Matt tells Betty that that was some show from the live birth to the Heinrich show where she was given nothing usable but turned into something spectacular. Matt also confides that he wasn’t interested in learning more about fashion but was interested in learning more about Betty.

Betty asks Daniel how does it feel to have a half brother. Daniel compliments Betty on the great job she did with the show taking unwearable dresses and making it the hit of Fashion Week.

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