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There’s no place like Mode short recap

by Lynn Little

modedanielIt’s Fashion Week at Mode. Getting ready for the week of events leaves everyone at Mode very busy. Betty’s latest YETI assignment teams her up with someone from a sports magazine - not her first choice. Wilhemina is being pushed aside by the fashion world. Hilda continues to struggle with Ignacio and Elena’s relationship. Daniel gives Molly a makeover for Fashion Week.

Full blow by blow recap is coming up this weekend but wanted to give my opinion on the major story lines of this episode. First off, this was a really good episode. I may say that every week but this one had it all. Good acting, an awesome story line, and finally one of the most amazing TV births ever! Seriously, what a way for the baby of Wilhemina and Bradford to come into the world - on the catwalk at the end of Fashion week. Seriously a fun and great episode.

Betty has an assignment from YETI to team up with another person from class and to follow them around their work. They are to report back on five valuable things they learned from the experience. It’s funny that those in Betty’s class refer to her as “Fashion Girl.”

There’s no doubt that Matt - the sports writer who is in the YETI class - is interested in Betty Suarez. And I have to say that I approve of him. He isn’t like Betty’s other love interest. He’s insightful, good looking, and is supportive. He’s definitely a good fit for her.

Daniel arranges for Molly to get a makeover. After Molly leaves Fashion Week abruptly Daniel wonders what is wrong. When he tells Betty what happened, she says that the makeover might not have went over that well. Daniel calls Molly who is at the doctor’s office but Daniel believes her to be at home taking care of something with her apartment. There are rumors that Molly dies in a few episodes so this introduces that Molly have some health issues.

Hilda and Elena begin to form a friendship -which is good. Mad Hilda is not a fun Hilda. We get that she is uncomfortable with her father dating. It’s good to see this plot move along. And when will we see a return of the councilman into Hilda’s life? It’s time she had a real romance again.

And Christina goes into labor during Fashion Week. Because the exits are blocked, Betty takes Christina onto the cat walk to exit the building. Christina lies down on the cat walk saying she is having the baby here. Models form a curtain of sorts around Christina for privacy. Elena helps deliver the baby. We hear the baby cry to which everyone is emotional. Marc says cue the stage and gives other stage orders. The stage is lifted with Willie holding up the baby for all to see. There’s other fanfare that make this one of the grandest and oddest TV births ever.

Now that baby Meade is here, I wonder how Connor will react. There is also rumor of a wedding. Connor told Willie during this episode that she could have it all - a career and personal life and he is in it with her.

The episodes are just getting better. It makes me sad that the hiatus is fast approaching but looks like we will have plenty to speculate when it comes to ‘Ugly Betty.’

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