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Ugly Betty Epsiode Rundown

by Lynn Little

114992_0507_thu This week started off on the right foot as we received the news that Ugly Betty will return April 30th, a week earlier than scheduled.

The April 30th episode is entitled ‘Rabbit Test.’ Apparently we will meet Matt’s dad Calvin Hartley(played by David Rasche) who will invite our favorite Mode employees to his annual Easter egg hunt. Also Wilhemina wonders if William is really her son.

May 7th’s episode is ‘The Born Identity.’ It looks like Calvin Hartley is prepared to give Mode a bailout when baby William is kidnapped. Archie asks Hilda to be part of his next political campaign.

‘In the Stars’ will air May 14th and feature singer Adele. This is the episode that is suppose to have the impromptu wedding.
May 21st there will be back-to-back episodes titled ‘Curveball’ and ‘The Fall Issue.’

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