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Ugly Rumors

by Lynn Little

Yesterday I heard some rumors about Lindsay Lohan and America Ferrera. Lohan’s guest appearances on ‘Ugly Betty’ have been slashed from 6 to 4. The reasoning? Well, if you’re to believe what it being said, it’s because the two actors have been feuding.

It’s a little more than that as there are reports that Lohan is always late to the set, brings a huge entourage with her, and even trashed her dressing room. I saw this news on ‘Inside Edition’ but apparently it’s been in the New York Post’s gossip section as well.

What’s been leaked as problems between the two seems to be about power. Lohan is being accused of trying to be the star while Ferrera is acting childlish like pulling down Lohan’s pants during a scene rehearsal. The scene takes place in the episode.

All of these rumors are just that -rumors. I think they were leaked or made up to draw interest in Lohan’s guest appearance on ‘Betty.’ Apparently the ratings that guest star Lohan aren’t as great as ABC had hoped.

On a personal note, I think the side plot with Kimmie Keegan just isn’t as interesting as the already established stories. There are too many plots already in the works with the show to really focus on this one.

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