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Val Emmich Benefit Concert

by Lynn Little

val Val Emmich, who plays Betty’s neighbor and love interest Jessie - will take part in a concert benefiting orphans. He will perform tonight at the Canal Room in New York to benefit Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

Emmich will also be in the February 5th episode of ‘Ugly Betty’ and will be singing one of his original songs. The 29-year-old singer/songwriter has released six albums including his latest titled Little Daggers. Emmich has also appeared on 30 Rock and and Lipstick Jungle. But with rumors of yet another love interest for Betty, this could be the last appearance of Jessie.

The doors of the Canal Room open at 7:30pm. Tickets are $15 for the concert. You can order tickets at or buy them at the door.

WWO currently serves children in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Serbia and Vietnam. The organization offers medical services and education to orphaned children.

2 Responses to “Val Emmich Benefit Concert”

  1. Руслан Says:

    Да уж… Жизнь - как вождение велосипеда. Чтобы сохранить равновесие, ты должен двигаться.

  2. Георгий Says:

    Да уж… Тут как в пословице: А уже Вавилу запрятали в могилу.:)

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