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Vanessa Williams loses Emmy

by Lynn Little

Vanessa Williams - the saucy Wilhemina Slater on ‘Ugly Betty’ - was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a comedy series. But she lost out to Jean Smart of ‘Samantha Who?’ It’s still an honor to be nominated for an Emmy and to lose out to such a fine actress on another ABC show is telling of just how strong their prime time lineup is.

Vanessa wore a stunning Kevan Hall printed dress. It’s easy to see how she became Miss America. She may not have won the Emmy but she wins over ‘Betty’ fans each episode. Vanessa brings such spunk and life to her character that is just fun to watch the bad girl even though you know it will probably wind up hurting either Daniel, Betty, or both.

It seems few of us were tuning into the Emmy’s this year as they apparently had their lowest ratings ever. With the Internet and having access to information so easily or watching shows on demand, it’s not surprising that less people are watching it on television. Maybe with broadcasting in high definition these award shows can get a face lift and bring more information to the viewers in a friendlier format.

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